Saturday, November 3, 2012

On to the Summit: LIVE FREE!


In mountain climbing, we call it the “summit push”.

After months of preparation, the time has come to lay it all out, go for broke, and achieve a goal.  That’s what you do when you climb a mountain, and that’s what you and I are going to do over the next four days.

After a day packed full of media interviews, today I’m headed to the key state of Ohio for events all across the state.  Over the weekend and right up until the polls close Tuesday, I will be participating in national media events and doing everything I can to reach as many people as possible.

And while all this is going on, our TV ads are running as many times as we can afford to run them.  You can help with that today by going to and making a crucial contribution for these final days!

With polls all across the country showing the Republican Romney and the Democrat Obama virtually tied, the work you and I have done over the past many months has put us exactly where we want to be.  Suddenly, even TIME magazine is taking note that we have created a “third option” for voters who see both Romney and Obama as slightly different versions of the big-government status quo.  You can read the story here: Who is Gary Johnson and Why is the GOP So Mad at Him?

No matter how hard they’ve tried to shut us out of the process,  we have put Liberty, personal freedom and non-intervention on the ballot – and given notice that we are here to stay.

Who are “we”?   We are more than 300,000 fans on Facebook, more than a million people connecting on Google+, and 100,000 followers on Twitter.  And of course, “we” are thousands of amazing supporters who have provided the funding to build this campaign from nothing to TIME magazine to polling numbers that may well be the deciding factor in key states across the country.

Until the Republicans finally succeeded in shutting him out of the process, Congressman Ron Paul did an incredible job of putting Liberty on the nation’s agenda. We – you and I – have carried that agenda into the general election in a way that has never happened before.  That is historic – and it is thanks to your support.

I may not have time in the next few days to send you another email.  So, I need to know that I can depend on you to make sure we have the funding to keep our TV ads running – and hopefully increase them – between now and Tuesday.

Tomorrow, we will need to know how many ads we can buy for the weekend, and Monday morning, we will need to make our final “buy”.  Your contribution today at is essential to keeping our momentum going.

Political movements that have changed the course of  American history have always begun with a group of courageous people who were not afraid to challenge the Establishment  and the status quo they cherish.  I am grateful beyond words for your courage in standing with me as we create the next critical movement in American politics.

Tuesday is the first big step in putting Liberty, real prosperity, and sane foreign policy on America’s agenda in a way that it cannot be pushed aside any longer.  Your contribution at will make our “summit push” a success!

I’m off to Ohio – let’s do this!

Thank you,

Governor Gary Johnson

P.S. My great running mate, Judge Jim Gray, and I will be in Albuquerque on election night.  We would love to see you there!