Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign Calls on Newt Gingrich to Apologize for His Staff Assault on Ron Paul Supporter

They say the culture of an organization is a reflection of its top executive and today’s deplorable behavior against Ron Paul supporter Eddie Dillard in Florida reflects very poorly on Congressman Gingrich.”
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign is requesting an apology and decisive action from Congressman Newt Gingrich and his campaign for abuse the latter organization perpetrated against a Ron Paul supporter.
The incident occurred in the Orlando suburb of Windermere, Florida and involved 29-year-old Ron Paul supporter Eddie Dillard, who was injured during an exchange with the Gingrich campaign.
Mr. Dillard arrived at his polling site, the Winderemere Baptist Church, and noticed a Gingrich supporter holding a Gingrich sign, so to reciprocate he returned to the scene with a Ron Paul sign.  The area he chose was public space but it had been identified by the Gingrich campaign as the very place where Gingrich would be visiting.  As the Gingrich staff moved in, members of the security detail and/or other staff warned Mr. Dillard, telling him to exit from the public space.  When Mr. Dillard exercised his right of free expression by remaining there, simply holding the sign, Gingrich’s campaign team escalated the situation and, noticing Mr. Dillard was wearing flip-flops, dug their heels in his foot and reportedly directed each other to step on Mr. Dillard’s feet.  Mr. Dillard, to be sure, was injured, harassed, and inconvenienced.
Reporters from Yahoo! News were on the scene and covered the story here.
In response to the incident, the Ron Paul Presidential campaign released the following statement.  Below find comments from National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:
“They say the culture of an organization is a reflection of its top executive and today’s deplorable behavior against Ron Paul supporter Eddie Dillard in Florida reflects very poorly on Congressman Gingrich.
“I call on Congressman Gingrich to publicly apologize to Mr. Dillard.
“In addition, we ask that those Gingrich campaign staff directly involved in the episode be immediately terminated.
“There is simply no excuse for the type of violent, boorish and abusive behavior demonstrated by Mr. Gingrich’s campaign.  We hope Mr. Gingrich understands this and takes the actions we recommend.”

(SEE IT HERE) RNC Launches Web Video on President Obama’s “Interesting” Response to an American Looking for Work

By Johanna Persing
WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a new web video titled “Interesting” after President Obama’s awkward interaction with a woman who was asking why it was so hard for her husband to find work in this economy. After hemming and hawing about the condition he thought the economy was in, it was revealed that Barack Obama’s view of the economy is in direct contrast to what everyday Americans are dealing with.
The web video can be viewed here:

 “President Obama’s exchange yesterday with a concerned woman whose husband is out of work shows exactly how out of touch this president is when it comes to the dismal economic climate he has created,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.       
“His ivory tower view of ‘economic recovery’ is in stark contrast with the harsh reality of millions of Americans who are struggling to find jobs because of Barack Obama’s failed economic policies.”

Veterans History Project Launches Multi-Year Effort to Collect Vietnam War Stories

The Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP) has launched a multi-year campaign to preserve the stories of the nation’s Vietnam War veterans. Volunteers and veterans are needed to record these important stories for the Veterans History Project collection, accessible at www.loc.gov/vets/.
"In the coming years, our nation will commemorate 50 years since the conflict in Vietnam," said VHP Director Bob Patrick, referring to the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration established to honor and pay tribute to Vietnam War veterans and their families. "The personal histories of those who served will help us heal, learn and remember, while leaving a powerful legacy for future generations."
The stories of former Sen. Chuck Hagel and his brother Tom Hagel, who fought side by side in the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong River Delta, are among the more than 13,000 Vietnam veteran collections already held by VHP. The brothers recently ushered in VHP’s new campaign by donating more than 20 hours of interviews and film footage to the Library. Originally collected by Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET), representatives from NET were on hand to commemorate the donation.
"When we think of wars – whether it’s Vietnam or any other war – we think of it as a unitary subject, the Vietnam War," Tom Hagel shared at the event. "But there are millions of Vietnam Wars. If you were a clerk-typist stationed in Saigon or up on the demilitarized zone, or some other unit with some other type of job, your Vietnam War would be totally different from ours. And that’s important to tell. It gives a more complete, realistic picture of that experience. That’s the value of this project."
The Vietnam Veterans Collections Initiative Kick-off can be viewed here.
Epitomizing that thought are the stories of Brian Markle and Jeanne Markle, who were among the first married couples to arrive in country. She was a nurse with an evacuation hospital, and he was an officer in charge of medical logistics. African-American truck driver Thomas Hodge didn’t expect to live long when he got to Vietnam; he heard that the life expectancy of a wartime truck driver was three days. He survived, as did nurse Rhona Marie Knox Prescott, though her friend and fellow nurse perished in a helicopter crash.
Founded in 1800, the Library of Congress is the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution. The Library seeks to spark imagination and creativity and to further human understanding and wisdom by providing access to knowledge through its magnificent collections, programs and exhibitions. Many of the Library’s rich resources can be accessed through its website at www.loc.gov.
Congress created the Veterans History Project in 2000 as a national documentation program of the American Folklife Center (www.loc.gov/folklife/) to collect, preserve and make accessible the first-hand remembrances of American wartime veterans from World War I through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. The project relies on volunteers to record veterans’ remembrances using guidelines accessible at www.loc.gov/vets/. Volunteers may request more information at vohp@loc.gov or the toll-free message line at (888) 371-5848. Subscribe to VHP’s RSS feed on the VHP home page.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ron Paul in Close Competition with Obama in Latest Poll

New poll shows Texas Congressman within margin of error to unseat incumbent President
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul remains competitive in a head-to-head matchup against incumbent President Barack Obama, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll.
Paul garners 46 percent of the vote to Obama’s 49 percent, within the +/- 4 percent margin of error for the survey.  Paul fares better among nationally registered voters than fellow GOP competitors Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  Paul’s main competitor nationally, Mitt Romney, comes in tied with Obama at 48 percent, meaning Paul and Romney – the only candidates with the resources for a 50-state campaign – are within the error margin for unseating Obama.
“We’ve been saying this has been a two-man race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and this poll is further proof.  The survey also demonstrates Ron Paul’s competitive edge against the sitting President in a general election since Paul is the candidate capable of gaining support from independents and disenfranchised Democrats,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.
The results are based on telephone interviews conducted Jan. 27th and 28th, with a random sample of 907 registered voters, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
For full poll results and methodology in PDF form, please click here.
This poll follows a January 16th CNN/ORC Poll showing Paul and Obama in a virtual tie in a general election showdown.  It also follows a CBS Poll from earlier this month showing independent voters’ preference for Paul over Obama by 7 percentage points.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate RJ Harris in the News

The campaign of RJ Harris, Libertarian candidate for president, has been getting news coverage, including in the Oklahoman, the largest newspapers in his home state.
"R.J. Harris is running as a Libertarian Party candidate, who also is working on a signature-gathering drive to get the Libertarian Party recognized as a political party in Oklahoma." (Note: Libertarians in Oklahoma have gathered over 31,000 signatures so far of the 51,739 required).
The Libertarian nominee will be chosen by delegates to the National Libertarian Party Convention May 3-6, 2012 in Las Vegas. Other Libertarian candidates for president are listed at the Libertarian Party website.

ICYMI: Dems Bash, Bank Secret Cash

Excerpts from POLITICO
By Kenneth P. Vogel and Alexander Burns
January 28, 2012
“Democrats have seized on Republicans as the party of unlimited secret money.
“The only problem: so are Democrats.
“In recent days, Obama released an ad blasting ‘secretive oil billionaires’ for attacks on him, Nancy Pelosi unveiled a campaign slogan, calling for ‘a new politics free of special interest influence’…
“Maybe that would have sounded better in 2008, when Obama put the kibosh on the Democratic outside money infrastructure—or even in 2010, when Obama led a chorus of Democrats assailing Republicans’ outside spending.
“But this year, Democrats are playing the same game. Obama’s team has blessed a network of super PACs trying to raise the same seven-figure checks…
“In fact, top Democrats are so ardent about the need to raise unlimited—and sometimes secret—cash this year that some operatives aren’t pleased about the recent attacks, grumbling that it makes it a whole lot tougher to get wealthy liberals to fork over mega-checks when the politicians who’d benefit are ripping Republicans for taking the same types of contributions.
“Then there are doubts about the effectiveness of such attacks, considering how they went the last time Democrats tried them in 2010. Obama and his allies spent the final weeks before Election Day complaining bitterly about GOP-allied spending groups, hinting they could be awash in illegal foreign money, only to watch Republicans notch historic gains in the House.
“And, beyond that, the Obama campaign’s juggernaut fundraising makes the president an especially poor messenger for the attacks, reasoned one Democratic operative familiar with the party’s outside money operation.
“‘When you’ve been talking about raising $1 billion, you really shouldn’t be talking about money in the political process,’ the operative said. Democrats ‘should talk about issues that people really care about like whether their taxes are going to get raised, whether their kid is going to get sent to Afghanistan, or whether they’re going to get blown up on a plane,’ the operative said, adding ‘campaign finance isn’t a particularly resonate issue other than for those who are talking about it.’
“But party leaders suggest the secret money attacks forecast in Obama’s ad—his first of the cycle—are part of a broader messaging strategy that seeks to cast Republicans as secretive and unethical pawns of big business who couldn’t care less about the plight of regular Americans...
“The special interest money theme could play a recurring role in the president’s reelection campaign, Obama allies suggest…
“At a POLITICO Playbook breakfast last week, Pelosi predicted such reforms could staunch the flow of outside money into elections, but she also acknowledged that ‘most people don’t know that (the super PACs are) there and how they operate. They just see the result of it.’ Yet, the Democratic leader—who has herself raised money for super PACs—said that, as she traveled lately ‘what I get the biggest response to is…when you talk about disclose and reform, people are very ready for it.’
“In fact, Democrats believe that Republicans set the stage for a campaign debate over outside group spending because their presidential candidates repeatedly attacked one another during debates and on the trail over ads aired by rival super PACs…
“Obama and his Democratic allies during the 2010 midterm elections assailed GOP-allied super PACs and other outside spending groups like Americans for Prosperity as corrupting the democratic process. But after the groups helped power Republicans to landslide victories, the White House backed away from its opposition and tacitly blessed a network of super PACs and nondisclosing 501(c)4 nonprofits run by close allies to solicit big checks from wealthy liberals to try to level the playing field. Completing the reversal: the Obama campaign recently cleared its bundlers to raise money for pro-Obama outside groups…
“The attacks elevate the arguments being leveled by the GOP-allied outside groups, asserted Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips, whose group noted with pride that Obama’s ad was ‘in direct response’ to its Solyndra ads.
“And Phillips pointed out that Democrats have long had outside groups and labor unions working on their behalf — even before Obama began targeting Americans for Prosperity during the 2010 campaign.
“‘It was hypocritical two or three years ago to make that assault,’ Phillips argued. ‘It’s just times two now with all the new groups they’ve formed on their side.’”
Click Here To Read The Full Article: http://politi.co/wRoYjr

DNC Chair’s Statement on RNC Chairman’s Comments Comparing the President to Italian Cruise Ship Captain

By DNC Press

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on RNC Chairman Reince Priebus comparing President Obama to the captain of the Italian cruise ship that wrecked earlier this month:

“Chairman Priebus should be ashamed of his comments comparing President Obama to the captain of the wrecked Italian cruise ship. That he would compare the President of the United States with a man now charged with manslaughter for his actions shows a lack of respect for the President that is beyond the bounds of appropriate political discourse. More importantly, it shows a galling lack of sensitivity for the victims of this tragedy and their families, as well as those still living in anguish because their loved-ones are still missing.

“Chairman Priebus crossed the line. People died, and he is exploiting and making light of a tragedy for political purposes. I call on Chairman Priebus to apologize for his comments and for the hurt he may have caused in making them."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Total Internet Blackout!

Dear friend of liberty,
The one place that has been largely free of government control - the internet - is the statists’ latest target.
Dual bills, SOPA and Protect IP, are set for action in the U.S. House and Senate in the coming weeks.
As I write this, rumors are circulating that SOPA and Protect IP may be scrapped. But as we’ve seen countless times before, including with ObamaCare, the special interests will never stop fighting for more power at the expense of  our freedoms. We need to turn the pressure up to make sure these bills are dead for good.
If you value the freedom of information the internet has provided, and, like me, you believe the internet is the  best tool for getting our information out and organizing our movement, you must act now.
You know, it seems every day that our freedoms are under assault from Congress and the Obama  Administration. More Patriot Act spying. Pushing Real ID. Indefinite detention of American citizens. The list is both staggering and frightening.
It is up to you and me to stand squarely against this Big Government power grab over the internet.
I’ll do my part here in the Senate. I hope I can count on you.
Please take a careful look at this message from my friend Matt Hawes, Vice President of Campaign for Liberty. He has some very important information and action items to protect your online freedom. Don’t put this letter aside. Our liberty is in jeopardy, and every American must rally to this cause.                    
In Liberty,
Senator Rand Paul

Ron Paul Cheers Indiana House Passage of Right to Work Law

Dr. Paul: “I have been a strong supporter of a National Right to Work Act, and I have made passing such legislation a centerpiece of my presidential campaign.”

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul authored a congratulatory letter to Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Committee, applauding the organization’s success in helping to pass a right to work law in the lower house of the Indiana General Assembly.

The legislation ending forced unionization and forced payment of dues to union bosses passed the Indiana House and is up for consideration in the state Senate, before Governor Mitch Daniels (R) signs it into law.

Reads the letter:

Mark Mix
 National Right to Work Committee
 8001 Braddock Road, Suite 500
 Springfield, Virginia 22160

Dear Mark,


Last night, my staff informed me that the Indiana House just passed Right to Work on a truly historic vote, and that Indiana is on the verge of becoming America’s 23rd Right to Work state.

Of course, it is my hope the Indiana Senate will soon follow suit, and that Governor Daniels will quickly sign Right to Work into law in Indiana so that no Hoosier worker can be forced to pay union dues just to get or keep a job.

I want to congratulate you and your staff on this latest success. You have persevered against the full weight of the union machine, and every American owes you a debt of gratitude for your leadership and dedication.

While Americans should be free to join a union, it’s just common sense that no worker should be forced to do so as a condition of employment.

As you know, in Congress, I have been a strong supporter of a National Right to Work Act, and I have made passing such legislation a centerpiece of my presidential campaign. My administration would work closely with your organization and leaders like Senator Jim DeMint and my son, Senator Rand Paul, for its passage in Congress.

Thanks again for all of your hard work to guarantee every American can enjoy the fruits of his labor free from interference by Big Labor bosses.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

West Wing Week: Inside the 2012 State of the Union

This week, the President prepared for and delivered his State of the Union Address, welcomed the Boston Bruins to the White House, and took his message West to Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.
Go behind the scenes of the President's week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Senator Mike Lee Threatens Resistance to Nominations Until President Rescinds Unconstitutional Appointments

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee formally responded to the President’s unconstitutional recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  In a statement delivered at a Judiciary Committee business meeting, Lee outlined the unconstitutional nature of the appointments and criticized the justification offered by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.
“President Obama used deeply flawed legal reasoning to circumvent the Constitution’s clear requirement that the Senate must be in recess in order to make such appointments,” said Sen. Lee. “The President’s assertion that he may unilaterally determine for himself whether or not the Senate is in recess violates the Constitution’s fundamental separation of government powers and the Senate's rightful prerogatives."
“Although some Senate Democrats claim prior ‘obstruction' of nominees during this Congress, in reality Senate Republicans have willingly allowed the overwhelming majority of the President’s nominations to pass through the Judiciary Committee with little controversy and receive an up or down vote on the floor."
"Given this President’s blatant and egregious disregard both for proper constitutional procedures and the Senate’s unquestioned role in such appointments, I find myself duty-bound to resist the consideration and approval of additional nominations until the President takes steps to remedy the situation.  Regardless of the precise course I choose to pursue, the President certainly will not continue to enjoy my nearly complete cooperation, unless and until he rescinds his unconstitutional recess appointments."

Shameless, Free Infomercials for Two Guilty Parties

Obama's State of the Union and the Republican Response
“Sponsors of even the most embarrassing, inane and fraudulent infomercials have to pay for their own air time. They can’t force TV stations to run their ads for free by threatening to shut them down.
“Through the Federal Communications Commission and other government coercion, Democratic and Republican politicians run their shameless infomercials on prime time TV free of charge. Tonight’s infomercial hand-outs were the State of the Union address and the ‘opposition’ response.
“But wait, there’s more!
“Unlike Ginsu knives, hair spray for men, and ripped abs in 30 days, the Republican and Democratic infomercials have no redeeming social value.
WASHINGTON, DC – Mark Hinkle, Chair of Libertarian Party, continues with:
“Honest taxpayers realize you can’t spend more money than you earn. They know that the #1 problem in America today is Government Overspending.
“The SOTU and Republican Response infomercials are a grand dog-and-pony show aimed at distracting attention from the fact that Democratic and Republican politicians are equally guilty of driving government spending into the stratosphere.
    “Both Democratic and Republican politicians initiated and supported bailouts.
    “Both Democratic and Republican politicians initiated and supported mandates to buy medical insurance imposed on individuals and small businesses.
    “Both Democratic and Republican politicians have voted for a laundry list of new and expanded government programs – keeping taxes high and driving our national debt to staggering sums that defy comprehension.
“President Barrack Obama blamed the administration of former President George W. Bush for driving up debt and high unemployment.
“In response, Republican Governor Mitch Daniels threw blame back on the president and on the Democrat-controlled Senate.
“Both are correct. Both Democratic and Republican politicians in Washington D.C. are responsible for causing today’s economic woes.
“Both Democratic and Republican politicians claim their policies ‘create jobs.’ But they do the opposite: they expand Big Government and thereby destroy private sector jobs. Democratic and Republican policies are crippling small businesses that create jobs.
“Democratic and Republicans politicians deliver the same policies:  High government spending, high taxes, burdensome regulations, endless foreign military intervention and violations of our personal liberty.
“Both Democratic and Republican politicians cater to Special Interest greed while dismissing the wants and needs of ordinary Americans.
“Today more voters than ever realize that Democratic and Republican politicians are players in the same game of Big Government. They differ only in the color of their red and blue jerseys.
“More voters than ever realize that Democratic and Republican politicians are equally responsible for destroying jobs, violating individual rights, and lowering the standard of living for Americans.
“The Libertarian Party offers voters a desperately-needed alternative. Since its founding 40 years ago, the Libertarian Party remains unwavering in its pursuit of liberty, free trade and small government.
“Whether Libertarians are running for U.S. House, the Senate or the White House, they reject the self-serving interests of Big Government Profiteers. Libertarians represent the silent majority of Americans who want a choice for much less government:

    Huge and immediate reductions in taxes and government spending
    Repeal of laws that violate individual freedom
    An end to gunboat diplomacy and foreign political entanglements
    Dismantling of government bureaucracies and red tape.
“Every vote cast for a Libertarian is a vote for much less government, personal freedom, and peace."
Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle and Executive Director Carla Howell are available for interviews or comment on the State of the Union and the Republican response. Please contact the Libertarian Party headquarters at 202-333-0008 between 9:00am and 5:00pm to arrange an interview.
The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971. It is America’s largest third party.
For more information about the Libertarian Party, visit LP.org.

Jobs and 'The State of the Union'

The year 2012 will be pivotal in the fight for jobs and the direction our country takes on progressive ideas. Will the GOP, under the influence of the Tea Party, continue to chip away at our social safety net and workers rights? Not if we stand up and be heard - through our unions, community groups, Occupy, in the voting booth and wherever else we can. Even though job creation is better under Obama than it was under Bush, we still have a huge fight ahead of us. The good news is, the wind is at our backs and workers are getting active all around the country to make this a banner year!
A 'Jobs State of the Union' Speech
Tuesday night President Obama gave a State of the Union address that was a jobs speech. At the heart of his address were important concrete steps aimed at restoring jobs and opportunity. The  speech framed an industrial policy for our country. It outlined big steps towards revitalizing manufacturing and creating new  green energy and manufacturing sectors. The President keyed in on the need to repair  our crumbling infrastructure and build modern transportation and energy  systems, putting millions back to work. It included important educational and job training initiatives, including making college and advanced training more accessible for low and middle income students.
What the Unemployed are Currently Facing
Working people know that the Great Recession has devastated our country - all the while the 1% profit from it. Teens are seeing the highest unemployment rate since statistics have been kept. More than one in five veterans are coming back from wars overseas and not able to find work. And though we see signs of a recovery in several areas, it has not been helping the poor very much. Long-term unemployment has visited upon many millions of workers - so much so that a documentary series, “F__ked: The United States of Unemployment,” has been made about their plight.
Action for the Unemployed
Congress narrowly averted cutting off millions of Americans from unemployment insurance when it passed a stopgap two-month extension just before the holidays. But that extension is set to expire at the end of February, so millions of unemployed workers are again at risk of losing their federal unemployment insurance - unless Congress acts to fully renew the program through 2012.
In solidarity,
Scott Marshall
Labor Chair, CPUSA
Source: e-letter from CPUSA

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Responds to State of the Union

Sen. Paul Delivers State of the Union Response - Jan. 24, 2012
Sen. Rand Paul delivered the following Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address this evening:

Source: Paul.senate.gov

Ron Paul Responds To Obama’s State Of The Union Speech

“Tonight, President Obama once again showed that he does not represent the fundamental change this country needs.”

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – See below for 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

“Tonight, President Obama once again showed that he does not represent the fundamental change this country needs. Instead of offering solutions to the problems our country faces, the President was intent on delivering a campaign speech, further dealing in the typical Washington political gamesmanship that has gotten us exactly nowhere close to improving the lives of the American people.

“In a speech where much of the rhetoric was devoted to job creation, it was strange that President Obama would brag about his job-destroying national health care plan, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank bill, which, contrary to the President’s claims, guarantees future taxpayer bailouts of large institutions. Unfortunately, President Obama’s ‘job creation’ policies amount to little more than continuing to allow government bureaucrats to pick winners and losers, which is a recipe for continued economic stagnation.

“President Obama claims to want an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. Yet he remains committed to the same old system of debt, deficits, bailouts, and cronyism that created our economic problems. The President speaks of giving us energy independence from unstable nations, yet he refuses to allow the type of development needed to achieve this goal, while at the same time his administration hands out favors to the politically connected – those given to the likes of Solyndra, who fail to produce jobs or energy but succeed in ripping off the taxpayers.

“Of course, President Obama refuses to even mention the role the Federal Reserve plays in creating an economic system where some are denied a fair shot or even to support my efforts at bringing transparency to the Federal Reserve. Also not mentioned by President Obama is the very crucial need for reining in spending and balancing the federal budget. What is called by some ‘the greatest threat to our national security’ seems not to be of great importance to this President, although I, like many Americans, believe it to be cause for immediate measures, like the $1 trillion in spending cuts that would take place in my first year as President under my Plan to Restore America.

“In the area of foreign policy and civil liberties, President Obama’s rhetoric may be different, but the substance of his polices – as shown by his administration’s defense of the TSA’s treatment of my son, Senator Rand Paul, is hardly ‘change we can believe in.’ No wonder more and more Americans, especially young people, are rejecting the phony alternatives of Obama and establishment Republicans and embracing my campaign to Restore America Now.”

VIDEO: Veterans March on the White House

Veterans for Ron Paul is planning an event to march on the White House and definitively show that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops. The plan for the day is to meet at the Washington Monument at 12pm. Following this there will be an opportunity to for short speeches from selected participants then, at 1pm, line up in formation on 15th St NW facing North towards Constitution Ave NW, and march in formation to the White House. Upon arrival about face, then “present arms” (hold a hand salute) to a folded flag for as many seconds as service members have died since Obama took office, then march silently back to the Washington monument and fall out.
This will send a clear message that cannot be ignored by the media or the political establishment. More details can be found at the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/events/192677970828185/

Source: Revolution PAC

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul’s Message Is Resonating

South Carolina reflections by Revolution PAC Advisory Board member Dr. Murray Sabrin, finance professor at Ramapo College’s Anisfield School of Business and former New Jersey gubernatorial and senatorial candidate:
Despite finishing fourth in the South Carolina primary, Ron Paul was upbeat during his speech Saturday night, giving one of his finest presentations as a presidential candidate. Ron hit all the high notes about his campaign and reminded his supporters that the cause of liberty will not be won overnight; it is a multifaceted process.  Educating people about crony capitalism, the FED, the federal budget and entitlements, civil liberties, and our interventionist foreign policy so they will vote for the liberty presidential candidate may take more time than just this presidential campaign.
After only three contests, won by three different candidates, there is no clear front runner.   Ron Paul will remain in the race to win as many delegates to the 2012 GOP presidential convention in Tampa.  If Ron does not have enough delegates to win the nomination and neither does anyone else, my prediction a year ago will come true, a brokered convention.  With several hundred delegates, Ron could force many issues, including putting Rand Paul on the ticket as either the presidential nominee or VP nominee.  Wouldn’t that be juicy?
Source: Revolution PAC

Statement Concerning TSA Abuses

The TSA “gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities…while doing nothing to keep us safe.”
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement concerning TSA abuses like the ones that resulted in U.S. Sen. Rand Paul being inconvenienced and harassed at the Nashville, Tennessee airport.  Below please find comments from Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX):
“The police state in this country is growing out of control.  One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities.  The TSA does all of this while doing nothing to keep us safe.
“That is why my ‘Plan to Restore America,’ in additional to cutting $1 trillion dollars in federal spending in one year, eliminates the TSA.
"We must restore the freedom and respect for liberty that once made American the greatest nation in human history.  I am deeply committed to doing that as President of the United States.”

Cruelest Cuts in Government Spending - The Democrat and Republican Scare Tactic

Dear Friend of Liberty,
When government spending cuts come up in conversation, Big Government Democrats and Republicans break out the scare tactics. They threaten to cut the services that voters care about most. Police and fire protection, schools, and road repairs are some of their tried-and-true favorites.
Big Government Democrats and Republicans try to scare voters into believing that these are the only areas of government that can be cut. “Give us your tax dollars, or granny dies.”
  • Rather than raise the retirement age for government employees from 54 to 67 – the same age you retire with Social Security -- they threaten to raise the retirement age for Social Security recipients from 67 to 70.
  • Rather than cancel wasteful and unnecessary government contracts for their Special Interest pals, they threaten to close national parks and ruin the family vacations of thousands of Americans.
  • Rather than cut the budget of the destructive Federal Drug Administration (FDA), they raise the price of life-saving drugs for patients who have grown dependent on government.
The threats and manipulations used by Big Government Democrats and Republicans are cruel and self-serving.
The Libertarian approach to cutting government spending is humane and reasonable.
Libertarians propose cutting the least needed areas of government spending  first such as:
  • Waste, pork, and bureaucracy
  • Failed and unnecessary Big Government Programs
  • Lush government employment packages and benefits.
Libertarians propose rolling back the most-needed services last – after getting government out of the way so that voluntary solutions can take their place.
That leaves more than enough money to protect our lives, liberty and property.
Vote against Big Government Democrat and Republican Merchants of Fear. Vote Libertarian.
P.S. If you have not already done so, please join the Libertarian Party. We are the only political party with a mission to give voters a choice to downsize Big Government - humanely, greatly reduce taxes, and slash government spending. You can also renew your membership. Or, you can simply make a contribution .