Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cruz Victory a Win for Ron Paul, Loss for Rick Perry and GOP Establishment

Last week, Ted Cruz became the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in his Texas runoff against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Both Ron Paul and Texas Governor Rick Perry made endorsements in two high profile U.S. Senate races.

In Minnesota’s Senate race, Ron Paul endorsed Kurt Bills in the Republican Primary. Gov. Perry endorsed Bills’ opponent Pete Hegseth.

Bills won.

In Texas Senate race, Ron Paul endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican Primary. Gov. Perry endorsed Cruz’ opponent David Dewhurst.

Cruz won.

Both of these races were also wins for Ron Paul. They were also losses for Gov. Perry.

Said Sen. Rand Paul at a rally he and his father held for Cruz: “The revolution is working, we have infiltrated the Republican Party, and we will convert the Republican Party to defenders of liberty…”

Said Ted Cruz at that same rally: “The best thing to happen to the Republican Party was to get its teeth kicked in in 2008…”

Between, Paul and Perry, it’s easy to see which Texan is having more influence on the future and direction of the Republican Party.

Many have said the Tea Party is dead. Cruz’ victory proved that it’s not.

Many think the Ron Paul movement will die after Dr. Paul leaves office. They are wrong. Dead wrong. And Cruz’ victory is but a tiny sliver of what is yet to come.

Source: Paulitical Ticker with Jack Hunter

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