Thursday, July 19, 2012

Your golden opportunity NOW to bring Ron Paul supporters into the LP

Dear fellow Libertarian,

A lot of former Libertarian Party members have campaigned for Ron Paul for the Republican Nomination for President.

Thousands of potential LP supporters have campaigned for Ron Paul’s nomination.
We have a huge opportunity before us to get them to join, and rejoin, the Libertarian Party. And we need your help now.

The gallant efforts of Ron Paul supporters to clinch the 2012 Republican nomination for president will soon come to an end – at the Republican Presidential Nominating Convention in Tampa, Florida at the end of August.

As Ron Paul himself has said, he will likely fall short of the delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination.

When it’s over, where will his supporters go?

God forbid they go to Republican Mitt Romney, Democrat Barrack Obama or any of the many “conservative” or “liberal” organizations that give lip service to liberty – while working to destroy it.

We have an opportunity to attract these true Ron Paul, liberty supporters to the Libertarian Party. But we must act today.

Several Ron Paul events are planned for August 24-26th in Tampa in conjunction with a major rally organized by Ron Paul himself on Sunday, August 26th, just before the GOP convention which begins on the following Monday.

The Libertarian Party has an opportunity to have a presence at these rallies.  Our presidential nominee, Governor Gary Johnson, is already booked to speak at one on Saturday.

We want LP advertisements, banners and promotional materials at booths, on stage, and everywhere we can get them at these festivals. We want additional LP speakers so that everyone who attends hears the message that the Libertarian Party is the place for them to be.

To do this we must buy a sponsorship package and commit to participate. But the window for this opportunity may close any time in the next few days. Which is why we must raise funds and commit to buying a sponsorship immediately.

This will be a golden opportunity for the LP to get our message out and show Ron Paul supporters that, should he not win the GOP nomination, the Libertarian Party is the bar-none, highest leverage, best way possible to keep the flame of liberty alive right through the General Election in November - and beyond.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that for forty years:
·         has fought to end the Federal Reserve and reckless fiscal policy
·         has fought to draw down high taxes and high government spending
·         has fought to get the U.S. out of foreign wars
·         has fought to end the destructive War on Drugs
·         has cleared the mine field and made it safe for others to stand up for the right of consenting adults to marry whomever they choose.
·         has fought against the Patriot Act and other infringements of civil liberties.

Ron Paul supporters have embraced these ideals and goals – ones that the LP has been fighting for since Day One, forty years ago.

The establishment parties and their candidates give lip service to these ideals – but they betray their supporters when it comes to casting votes.

Why they need us – and we need them
Whereas Ron Paul supporters have taken the battle for liberty inside the GOP establishment, the Libertarian Party has been the all-important outside competitive threat that helped to make their success possible.

Without outside competition, the GOP has no reason to listen to liberty candidates and Ron Paul supporters within their own ranks.

Just like the free market, competition is the essential element that makes change possible.

The Libertarian Party threat limits what Democrats and Republicans can get away with. We force them to listen to the liberty factions within their own parties.

The notable successes that Ron Paul supporters have achieved this year – winning a majority of Republican delegates in Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana and winning key positions in Republican states committees such as in Iowa, Alaska, Nevada, Colorado and Massachusetts, to name a few – would not have been possible without the Libertarian Party.

Without the possibility that LP candidates could spoil an election for a Democrat who promises to stay out of war – and then escalates war – the Democrats will continue to keep us at war. Barrack Obama’s partial withdrawal from Iraq may never have occurred without the LP.

Without the possibility that LP candidates could spoil an election for a Republican who promises to cut taxes and spending – who then raises them both - the Republicans will spend us into oblivion. The fact that real spending cuts are finally being talked about may never have happened without the LP.

The competitive threat of the Libertarian Party is one of the biggest forces to stop outright tyranny in the United States today.

Ron Paul supporters need to know this. They need to understand this dynamic – lest they get swept away by forces within the Democrat and Republican parties that are trying to scare them into voting for the “lesser of two evils."

Ron Paul supporters need the Libertarian Party. And the Libertarian Party needs them.

We need this vital energy, this rising tide of supporters and voters, to grow the LP and grow that outside competitive threat until the day comes when we can reverse today’s Big Government. End wars. Dramatically cut government spending and taxes. Restore civil liberties.

We need to be at these festivals. We need a wide and unmistakable presence that gets our message across to every Ron Paul supporter who attends -- and to the wide range of media that will be covering these festivals.

Will you help?

We need to raise $20,000 immediately to buy a sponsorship package, create materials for this event, get speakers there and to advertise.

The more we raise, the greater our presence will be, and the more Ron Paul supporters we can attract.

But we cannot wait. We must commit ASAP to our participation in these events, or our opportunity for a sponsorship will be lost. We need your donation today.

We need one $5,000 donor. Will you be this person?

We need five $1,000 donors. Could you please help today?

We need twenty $250 donors. Will you be one?

And we need forty $125 donors. Will you be one of forty $125 donors?

Every donation of any size will help.

Let the R3VOLution CONTINUE – and let it energize the Libertarian Party in 2012!

With your help, we’ll take liberty to the General Election and make the Libertarian Party a driving force in politics for years to come.

Yours in liberty,

Carla Howell
Executive Director
National Libertarian Party

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