Monday, March 19, 2012

Last call for LP Platform Committee Survey

Dear fellow Libertarian,

I recently requested your assistance in providing feedback on the Libertarian Party Platform Committee's recently adopted recommendations.

I'm heartened that I received responses from so many of you!  I especially want to thank the 1,556 of you so far that have invested considerable time to share your thoughts and invaluable advice.

In your comments I've already found many great suggestions for improvement.

In the coming days I will be assembling all of your ideas for the entire Platform Committee, and I believe your suggestions have the potential to improve our Party's platform.

If you haven't yet participated, please complete this questionnaire before you do anything else, before you read another e-mail message.

Before long, I'll need to close the door to the questionnaire so the committee will have sufficient time to consider your comments.

Your suggestions and opinions do matter, so please join this effort and let your voice be heard.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Alicia Mattson
Chair, 2012 LP Platform Committee

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