Friday, March 9, 2012

Libertarian Party applauds Virginia legislators for passing bill to stop NDAA; calls on policymakers to follow suit

Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle released the following statement today:

"The Libertarian Party applauds the efforts of Delegate Bob Marshall and the Virginia General Assembly for passing HB 1160 which prevents Virginia's state and local government agencies from cooperating with the federal government in the indefinite detention of Virginians under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 ("NDAA").

"The draconian National Defense Authorization Act is an offensive against American citizens. It authorizes the President and the military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely, without charges, without the chance to confront their accusers, without legal counsel, and without a trial."

"We call for Governor McDonnell to immediately sign this bill into law."

"We further call on members of every state legislature and every governor to follow suit and pass similar legislation."

"We further call on every 2012 presidential candidate, every congressional candidate, and every U.S. Senate candidate to assert their unwavering opposition to NDAA and to vow to repeal it if elected."

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