Thursday, March 15, 2012

LP: David Bergland wants YOU to come to this Libertarian National Convention!

Message to You from David Bergland, 1984 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Author of Libertarianism in One Lesson

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

I want to meet you. At this Libertarian National Convention Homecoming and Reunion May 2 to 6.

You are the main reason I'm coming to this Libertarian National Convention.

I want to listen to you. To hear what you think and feel about liberty and the Libertarian Party.

I have some questions that only you can answer.

What do you want for the Libertarian Party this year?

How do you feel about the LP right now?

Is it doing what you hoped it would when you joined?

Is it doing what you think it ought to?

Is it moving in the right direction - or is it off course?

What is the Libertarian Party doing right? What's it doing wrong?

If you could change anything that the Libertarian Party is saying or doing, what would you change?

Will you please meet me at the Libertarian National Convention?

There's less than 7 weeks until it begins.

Will you take just a minute to read your Invitation - to see exactly what the Convention is offering you? To see what your choices are?

Will you please come?

Yours for Liberty,

David Bergland

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