Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rand Paul: $16 trillion missing?

Dear friend of liberty,

Audit the Fed is just 4 cosponsors short of 218, which would be a majority, in the House of Representatives. It's crucial you and I turn up the heat and push this historic legislation across this vital threshold.

I ran for the U.S. Senate to end the federal government’s out-of-control spending and solve our debt crisis.

But that can't be done until we tackle the source of the problem: the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

As long as Ben Bernanke keeps printing money, Barack Obama will keep spending it.

You and I need to end that right now.

And just like during my campaign, the establishment is stacked against us. But look at what has already been accomplished with you in our corner!

Please take a few moments to read this message from Campaign for Liberty Vice President Matt Hawes and support C4L in this vital effort to rein in the Federal Reserve.

For Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

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