Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You Tired of Wall Street Bull?

Do you LIKE People’s World? Well I do.
As the new year get’s started Wall Street transnational and their friends in Washington are at it again. They want to get their claws on Social Security and Medicare, they want to privatize the Post Office and public schools, they want to cut their own taxes even further.
That’s why we are more committed than ever to counter their lies.
We want to help build a much bigger audience for People’s World andPolitical Affairs in order to expose Wall Street’s bull. 
And you can help.

One way you can help do this is by LIKING their Facebook pages. LIKING allow our articles to appear in your news feed and let your friends and family see what we're saying.
If you have a Facebook account it’s easy: all you have to do is go to our Facebook pages and click “LIKE”. If you like our analysis of the issues of the day, if you like our coverage of the movements, if you want to counter Wall Street’s bull, click like:

And of course, if you haven't already, like the Communist Party too
Thanks for your help!
Sam Webb
Communist Party National Chair

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