Monday, January 28, 2013

Former GOP Congressman advocates market-based climate change solutions

WASHINGTON — A former congressman says he has the solution to the world’s carbon emissions problem. And he’s a Republican.

With climate change back on lawmakers’ radar after President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address, former Rep. Bob Inglis is one of the few in his party willing to speak out on the issue. A victim of the tea party’s wrath in 2010, Inglis represented one of South Carolina’s most conservative districts for 12 years. Now he believes proposing a conservative answer to climate change could help the GOP rebound politically.

After he was voted out of office, Inglis established the Energy and Enterprise Initiative at George Mason University. Its plan is simple: end tax breaks for all fuels, tax carbon pollution and cut taxes elsewhere to ensure that the government collects no more revenue than it would otherwise receive.

Source: Daily Caller

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