Thursday, January 24, 2013

LP: Help end "gun-free" school zone laws by contributing today to our radio ad campaign!

Dear Libertarian,

Fellow Freedom Fighters,

The Libertarian Party believes real safety is much more valuable than the illusion of safety. Thus, while the president, Congress, and state legislatures have been trying to pass gun bans that leave victims disarmed against criminal violence, the Libertarian Party has been pushing to repeal the tragically failed "gun-free" school zone laws.

We have already aired more than 150 radio spots nationwide with the following ad:

This radio ad was recorded by radio broadcaster Dusty Rhoads, who volunteered his time and skill to fight for freedom. And all spots were paid for by targeted donations — not one penny was taken out of the general fund.
Because we purchase spots using competitive bidding, we pay the lowest rates possible. In fact, our average cost per spot is around $5! In other words, a $5 donation can be enough to get a radio ad!

We have a rare opportunity here. We can make America freer by repealing the tragically failed "gun-free" school zone laws. By going on the offensive, we also have a better chance of preventing more executive orders and legislative restrictions. Imagine if freedom fighters in 1912 had run an End the Fed campaign. Or a campaign to end marijuana prohibition in 1937.

Please donate whatever you can at, and write "For Radio Ad" in the comments section. Any money you donate will all be used to buy air time at maximally discounted rates — no commission, no overhead.

In Liberty,

Geoffrey Neale
Chair, National Libertarian Party

P.S. Please donate now to expand our radio campaign — and remember to write "For Radio Ad" in the comments section!

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