Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Of Murder, Gun Rights, and the Cry for Morality

By Elissa Roberson

Last Wednesday, President Obama announced the creation of a new gun violence “task force” that would immediately suggest policy changes concerning gun control in America after careful review of current laws and recent events. This new effort by the White House is to be lead by Vice President Joe Biden and comes soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, of which President Obama noted as a “wake-up call for all of us” in America. While this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to most Americans (particularly gun owners who have long been suspicious of where Obama stands concerning the NRA), many liberals are considering this a victory after a massive debate on run rights sparked heated conversations that even spread into the Twittersphere within hours of the Newtown shooting. There is even a discussion of mental health issues as people question how someone could do such a horrible thing at an elementary school.

Through these heated debates and often petty insults being thrown from both conservatives and liberals, it seems as though Americans are trying to lay blame in seeking justice for the innocent children and women whose lives were so horrifically and suddenly ended. Obviously both sides agree this tragedy shouldn’t have happened, however, both sides have failed to come up with a viable solution and failing to see what is truly at the heart of this matter. Many liberals believe it is a matter of needing stricter gun control laws with the idea that if fewer, “less responsible” people have guns the majority will be safer or more easily protected by law enforcement while many conservatives say that by removing guns the society at large will not have the ability to protect themselves and that this is a mental health issue in that parents or responsible adults shouldn’t keep guns and weaponry accessible to those who may not be mentally stable. I disagree on both counts.

Let me be clear: the…

Source: The College Conservative

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