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Conservative Party: America Circles the Drain

CP-USA January 2013 Newsletter; America Circles The Drain
This is an update on the current news and views about the Conservative Party USA


* New Strategic Partner: CSC Talk Radio

CP-USA is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Beth Schoeneberg and CSC Talk Radio.  This traditional values-oriented network reflects of the kind of socially and fiscally conservative principles we hold dear. Common Sense Coalition Talk Radio network has 37 affiliate stations in 12 states in the mid-West and South.

We urge all CP-USA members and supporters to review CSC’s Station List for local show times and Call Letters. CP-USA also encourages business owners to advertise on CSC’s website in order to support and expand our conservative agenda. “Made in America” is a key driving force for this patriotic organization.
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 * Conservatives Rationalize as America Circles the Drain This important and frightening article is penned by Selwyn Duke, a brilliant conservative who writes for the “American Thinker” on-line magazine.  

It's often hard to accept the truth, especially when that truth is scary -- when reality seems to offer no solutions, only poison from which to pick. We're seeing the same thing with Republicans in the wake of Obama's re-election.  Radio host Sean Hannity, citing changing American demographics, stated that his position on immigration has "evolved": we now must offer illegals some kind of pathway to citizenship (aka, Amnesty).  Other “conservatives” are warning that we must dispense with social issues or the Republican Party will be dispensed.

Of course, this isn't always rationalization. Some conservatives, and Hannity is likely among them, may truly believe that we can avoid electoral hell if we have just “one more Dance with the Devil.”  Conservatives have always responded to seemingly inevitable political changes by, slowly but surely, compromising their way to tyranny. 

What is the scary truth that conservatives dare not contemplate? We are losing the culture. Little by little. Day by day.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

* November 2012 Poll Question – Should Conservatives and Tea Party activists finally leave the GOP and join CP-USA?

Poll Results:    YES 94%        NO: 6%

Analysis: As we have often stated, the Conservative Party is the next evolutionary step in the development of the Tea Party. While not all TP activists will appreciate and understand what CP-USA is all about, conservatives will. At least they will eventually since it will be clear to them that the TP needs to evolve from a wonderful grass roots movement into an effective political party.  Doing marches and waving signs can only go so far; conservatives must learn to convert all that energy and passion into something concrete.  The TP has a broad range of political factions that are mainly united by fiscal issues (not social). That presents a major political obstacle when creating a political party. CP-USA does not have that problem since it’s built from the ground up for social and fiscal conservatives.

While it was great that a number of conservatives were elected in 2010 because of effective TP actions, many of those TP favorite sons often voted along standard GOP lines once elected. Even Allen West, for example, voted to increase the debt ceiling in 2011. Since Republicans took control of the House in 2010 the U.S. national debt continued to rise every year. Every budget had a trillion dollar deficit. Every year and every budget cycle! Why?

The undeniable truth is because the GOP does not share TP values. It’s not fiscally conservative and it’s afraid to be socially conservative. As a matter of fact, the TP was not even mentioned or thanked once during the GOP Convention.

And that’s all the analysis you really need.

* January 2013 Poll Question: Based on his series of Executive Orders on immigration, spending and gun control, should the House start Impeachment proceedings against Obama?

If YES, tell us why: YesOnPoll@cp-usa.org
If NO, tell us why not: NoOnPoll@cp-usa.org

Re-Fueling America’s Economy for Unprecedented Growth - Chapter 2
By Marc J. Rauch, Exec. VP/Co-Founder, THE AUTO CHANNEL marcrauch@earthlink.net
The Very Bumpy Road to Energy Independence”
Most people believe gas is America’s primary engine fuel because it’s the best fuel for the job. In truth, however, gasoline’s dominant market position has nothing to do with its quality as a fuel. Gas achieved market dominance in spite of its inferior performance characteristics.

READ THIS GREAT ARTICLE: The need for speed and power

CP-USA Adds New State Leaders

As predicted, Obama’s re-election is bad for America but good for CP-USA. The election spurred considerable interest in CP-USA in terms of increased membership and people who want to help grow the party. We’d like to thank the following people for having the wisdom and courage to assume a leadership role in their respective states. Please send them a short thank you note and offer to help. It will be appreciated.

Mark Phillips (AR), Chairman: markphillips126@rocketmail.com
Chris Harrington (RI), Field Director & CP-USA Webmaster: chris.harrington@cp-usa.org
Glen Welch (KS), State Field Director: glenwelch@cp-usa.org
Robert Gors (MI), State Field Director: rjgors@yahoo.com
Paul Srch (GA), State Field Director: psrch@comcast.net

* It’s Not What’s Right, it’s What’s Real
By Dick Heatherton, CP-USA Media & Presentation Training: dickheatherton@gmail.com
You see, politics is not a matter of what’s right.  It’s a matter of what’s real.

Take a look around. Obama has just been re-elected. It’s hard to believe. Here’s someone we know so little about and yet is idolized and considered by many as “lord and savior.”  It’s not right but it’s real. Sure, knock the Low Information Voters (LIV).  They are not stupid; it’s just that they are smart about the wrong things. Liberals are masters at obfuscation and deception.

You know it’s true.  Look at the gelding press. They fawn over Obama and the Libs. Liberalism is their religion. They wouldn’t dare delve into Harry Reid’s alleged Utah mess or investigate the sex offender who worked for N.J. Senator Robert Menendez…until after the election. It’s bread and circus time.  More news about the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and Bill Clinton at the recent awards show.

So, how do we reach the LIV’s? We reach them with “Passion Points.” Conservatives need to speak from the heart.  Conservatives know issues inside and out.  But without an emotional connection it’s a loss.

Here’s the problem: Many Conservatives are entrepreneurs. Now that’s not a condemnation. Being an entrepreneur means working for yourself, helping others and making a profit. What’s real is entrepreneurs are sober-minded, solution-based and don’t go off on emotional tangents.  We investigate, do our due diligence and come up with solutions. OK, well and good. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that once Conservative entrepreneurs enter the political arena they approach liberals and Democrats in the same way.  Again, entrepreneurs are sober-minded individuals who look for solutions and then present remedies with a level of confidence and passion. Conservative entrepreneurs don’t lead with emotion.  But that’s what Liberals/Democrats do. They lead with emotion. They feel entitled.  They have so much pent-up passion and anger that it overwhelms Conservatives. That leaves Conservatives looking unprepared, uncaring, removed and unemotional.

I’m the Conservative Party USA Media and Presentation trainer. I’ll delve into my extensive background later. But just know I’m not new to this hoedown.  Been there, done that. Not long ago I was training a Conservative candidate for City office.  He knew everything about everything.  But, he would get into such minutiae he’d lose his audience after only a few minutes. Was he right?  Absolutely!  The problem was he wanted to be thorough. What was real? He gave too much information and turned off people.  No passion.

Fine points belong on the website with “in-depth” articles, White Papers, books or in private conversations after an event. People see, hear and think in sound bites.  He made no emotional connection, no passion points.  It’s not right, but it’s real. I suggested he personalize, give names and instances and incorporate it all with passion points.  Then buttress it all with some relevant facts and statistics.  But don’t go overboard.

One more war story.  Recently I trained a fellow Conservative who was getting ready for a radio interview.  I prepped him for what to expect and then did a fake phone interview with him. And, I came at him full blast. After a brief introduction, I asked him “Why do Conservatives hate women”?

Now we all know that’s a ridiculous question. But that’s what you get from the Liberal media.  I wanted to prepare him for the onslaught that would be coming. Well, the first thing he did was….laugh.  Then, he said, “that’s our dirty little secret.” Of course, he was joking. Then he talked about how important women are to the Conservative movement.

We did Q and A for another 10 minutes and then I said “Do you know what the headline will be for every Liberal newspaper, magazine, blog, TV and radio show? “Conservatives hate women.” “But, I was only joking”, he said. I told him that Liberals will have a field day with that response. They will say “How do we know you were joking?  Is the Conservative Party serious?  What other secrets are you hiding?”

(READ: “Rules For Radicals”. Learn the tactics liberals use to defeat Conservatives. It’s important to know what your political adversaries are doing and why.)

All too often, Conservatives enter the Lion’s Den totally unprepared. They have the answers but come across as uncaring and unresponsive. No emotion. In order for Conservatives to succeed they need to incorporate passion points with solutions.

As I write this some of you will go out and try it.  Good luck. It takes time and training. Intellectually you’ve got it.  But emotionally, that’s another matter.

Be prepared.  It’s not a matter of what’s right.  It’s all about what’s real.
Dick Heatherton is the Media and Presentation Trainer for CP-USA. He’s an author, speaker and trainer who has spent more than 35 years in the Media as a TV producer, radio manager, program director, On Air personality, sales, advertising and marketing consultant for CBS, NBC, ABC, Bravo, PBS, the City of Frankfurt, Germany and was a columnist for Food Industry News.

* New CP-USA Medallion

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These silver dollar sized medallions have the CP-USA Seal on one side and the start of the Preamble to the Constitution on the other.  They are great keepsakes, gifts and promotional items.  Donate and Get a CP-USA Medallion

* Suggested Reading List 

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H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA
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