Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gary Johnson: Less freedom doesn’t make anyone safer


Why is it that Government almost always responds to a crisis or tragedy by attacking the rights and privacy of law-abiding citizens? 

After 9/11, we got the Patriot Act, which put into motion one of the most unpatriotic attacks on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and individual liberty in our lifetimes.  Everything from our phones to our emails to even our library cards and bank accounts became the government’s “business”.  Under this continuing attack, the NDAA and other laws have taken us to a point where citizens can be detained indefinitely and, in fact, assassinated in the name of protecting us.

Now, in the aftermath of Newtown and other recent tragic and senseless crimes, Obama and his friends in Congress are reacting by -- you guessed it -- doing two basic things:  First, they are rolling out Executive Orders and legislation to further chip away at a Second Amendment that even the Supreme Court has ruled grants us individual rights to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves.  And second, they are clamoring for deeper and broader background checks and looking for ways to get more information about our “mental health”. 

In short, their solution is more government, less freedom for us, and more of our information going into massive government databases.  Somebody has to say: STOP.

Somebody has to speak the truth and stand up for the fact that, even in the wake of despicable criminal acts, less freedom for us and more power for government does NOT MAKE ANYONE IN AMERICA SAFER. 

Speaking these truths -- and mobilizing Americans who don’t want to let an ever-growing government take away more of their freedoms -- is the entire idea behind the Our America Initiative, of which I am the Honorary Chairman.

Today, it is the Second Amendment and our privacy.  Tomorrow, it will be greater government control of the Internet.  And in the weeks ahead, it will be critical decisions about the debt ceiling and whether Washington will finally have the guts to cut spending and face the reality of an unsustainable $16 Trillion debt. 

My intent as the Honorary Chairman is to help the Our America Initiative defend our liberty and our economic freedom from the nonstop attacks by the government.  But we need your help as well.  Our planned campus tours, advertising, media appearances and events all require the financial support of friends and activists such as you.

We have worked very hard to put an organization in place that can have a very real impact on the public and policy debates of the day -- but not without your help. 

I am more convinced than ever that America is ready to reject Big Government as the solution to all our problems, and return to the idea that a strong and prosperous America is one where freedom and liberty are valued and protected -- not taken away by the politicians.

I hope you will take a moment to go to today and make a contribution that will help us give liberty a voice in the conversation as the politicians make decisions that will shape our futures for decades to come.  You have my personal assurance that your contribution will be used wisely and carefully to give voice to the principles and concerns we share.

Since the Our America Initiative is a non-partisan advocacy organization, contributions are not limited and can be accepted from not only individuals, but also corporations and other organizations.  Every dollar counts! Please contribute today at, or send your check to the address below.

Our America Initiative
PO Box 1985
Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1985

I hope to hear from you soon.  We have a lot of work to do!


Governor Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative

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