Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RevPAC: Obama abuse of power, plans to impose NY style gun-control

Obama Issues Executive Orders and Requests Legislation
To Begin Implementing New York Gun-Control Template

Dear Colleague in Liberty,
biden-guns.jpgThis week, President Obama issued 23 new executive orders and requested specific legislation from Congress that would begin to implement the New York gun-control template we flagged at Revolution PAC earlier in the week.  With these executive orders and legislative requests, Obama lays the foundation on which to erect a wall of obstacles to gun ownership and to establish a mental-health litmus test for gun ownership, which would force the entire nation through a psychiatric filter and into a psychiatric trap. (Watch our new TV ad and see how Joe Biden promised this abuse of power was coming.)

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Investigative reporter Jon Rapoport describes the NY gun-control template this way:

“The law will restrict gun ownership, re-classify weapons in order to ban them—and, in a far-reaching move, create psychiatrists as cops who must report patients to law-enforcement, in order to keep the patients from owning a weapon.

Psychiatrists must report patients “who could potentially harm themselves or others.” If such a patient owns a gun, it will be confiscated.

This means a comprehensive database, accessible by law-enforcement personnel and anyone else involved in doing background checks.  These “problematic” patients will be kept from buying a new weapon, too. Otherwise, the law would have no teeth.”

Obama's Psychiatric Trap
Two of Obama’s executive orders in particular lay the groundwork for full implementation of the psychiatric trap that is the centerpiece of the NY gun-control template.  One executive order would clarify that the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.  The other presidential order releases a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

Using these executive orders as the beachhead and the nations governors, state legislators and mayors as the president’s foot soldiers, one can anticipate that before long, more and more major institutions that people commonly come into contact with—ObamaCare hospitals and doctors' offices with their government-accessed electronic health records; public schools and soon private schools and home schoolers; the DMV; credit agencies and investigators doing background checks; the U.S. military via the VA; Social Security, Medicare, student loans, government agencies hiring employees and contractors and even, eventually, private corporate human relations departments—all will be dragooned into the job of collecting mental-health data and pushing people through the psychiatric filter into the psychiatric trap, which will serve as the pretext and justification for denying people their constitutional rights and giving the government more control over them. 
To appreciate where Obama’s executive orders, legislative requests and the NY gun-control template will lead, one need look no further than what happened to former Marine Brandon Raub in Virginia last year when a combined strike force of federal, state and local agents kidnapped Raub and tried to disappear him into the Virginia psychiatric gulag under the dodgy Virginia mental-health laws.

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Governments at all levels will collect psychiatric data promiscuously and psychiatric screens will become routine, psychiatric clearance requirements and ratings will become commonplace, not only to deny people their rightsprotected under the Second Amendment but even beyond that also to create an entire new class of people classified with “mental abnormality” (who knows what Orwellian term will be chosen as a euphemism) who will receive "special" treatment under the law and Constitution.

big-brother-1984.jpgThe NY template that the president has taken the first steps to implementing will create a mental-health litmus test, pure and simple; a psychiatric roach-motel that will be used to entrap and disarm the America people, all as part of the larger effort to force Americans into submission and compliance with the whims of government agencies at every level. 

The president’s new executive orders are only the subtle beginnings of anaggressive gun-control campaign that may not readily catch the attention or raise the ire of many people.  These orders all sound so “reasonable.”  But, they are just the beginning, and one can now fully anticipate a kind of choreographed and coordinated effort among the Obama White House, some Members of Congress, certain Democratic governors (led by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo), and big-city mayors (led by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel along with their Mayors Against Illegal Guns group) to advance the New York gun-control template through state legislatures, city halls and eventually the Congress.

Not only is the NY template’s mental-health litmus test morally wrong; it is also blatantly unconstitutional.  America is not, yet, the land of "Minority Report", and there is no “Pre-Crime” but Obama is rushing the country in that direction at light speed.  Obama’s executive orders set the stage for consigning to second-class citizenship everyone who seeks therapy and counseling or whose parents took them to mental health providers as a child, or any veteran diagnosed or suspected of suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Any mental-health litmus test also will be plagued with the potential for perverse unintended consequences. How many patients will avoid the mental health care system altogether in fear they will lose their civil and natural rights and be registered and classified as crazy? Without people voluntarily seeking mental-health treatment, how oppressive will government have to become to force them through the psychiatric screens into the psychiatric trap?

Obama's Al Capone Strategy
The Obama executive orders and legislative requests also begin implementation of that part of the New York gun-control template that would use a thicket of gun regulations and restrictions, taxes and fees to make gun ownership prohibitively onerous and expensive and to classify ammunition as a legally suspect, heavily regulated form of firearm “paraphernalia” the way many drug laws treat cigarette papers, pipes and clips.

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So, you will be able, for a while, to own a gun, as long as it is has only small capacity to shoot small rounds.  You will be able to own a gun, for a while, but only if you submit yourself to invasive, humiliating and expensive government prying and dossiers.  You will be able to own a gun, for a while, but not use it for self-defense without being prosecuted for wrongful use of the gun.  You will be able to own a gun, for a while, but only if you can afford to pay the taxes and comply with the high hurdles the government sets up to discourage and impede gun ownership.  You will have Second Amendment Rights as redefined by the government. The Second Amendment will, as the Tenth Amendment before it, become a dead letter.

The game the president is playing is devious and insidious.  In advancing toward the New York gun-control template, President Obama is maneuvering to create a whole new criminal class of "non-compliant" people who ignore, misunderstand, circumvent or simply are unaware of the onerous regulations, rules and taxes the NY template will impose on guns and ammunition.  Once the government succeeds in forcing people “out of compliance” with these many unconstitutional laws and regulations, the jaws of the trap will close.  There will be a host of new crimes created out of whole cloth, which can then be used to prosecute all the new gun “criminals.”  It’s the Al Capone strategy all over again.

In Liberty,

Larry Hunter 
209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SESuite 2109Washington, DC 20003

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