Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not a Racist! Compassion and James Williams on Freedom Watch on Fox

James Williams appears on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano and breaks down how Ron Paul helped his family and puts to rest the idea that libertarians aren’t compassionate.

The REVOLUTION PAC has placed a $100,000 Ad Buy in New Hampshire to broadcast a 60 version of, “The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul”.

Dear Friend,

The Iowa Caucuses made one thing clear: The liberty movement is catching fire in America! Tuesday night, Ron Paul captured 21% of the vote and took 17 counties, up from 10% and 1 county won in 2008. Delegates for Dr. Paul are stepping up in Iowa and across the nation. Americans are again craving freedom and the lasting prosperity that it brings!

Our creative team’s latest video, “The Compassion of Dr. Paul”, has gone viral, logging nearly a half-million views in one week’s time and earning NBC Nightly News coverage.

Now through its January 10 primary, your donations are funding a six-figure ad buy in New Hampshire featuring a broadcast version of “Compassion”. A total of 189 ad spots will run on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Discovery and History Channels, including three airings during Saturday’s upcoming ABC News/WMUR Debate. The “Live Free or Die” state is ripe territory for Dr. Paul, who’s now polling in second place, and our substantial investment there will most certainly reap rewards.

January 21 brings the critical South Carolina Primary, where Dr. Paul must cement his top-tier status and quiet the naysayers. Will you help Revolution PAC air an outstanding ad that will clarify Ron Paul’s common sense foreign and domestic policy views for South Carolina conservatives?

Remember that there are no limits when contributing to Revolution PAC.

We haven’t been this close to restoring our essential liberties in generations. But, we cannot be complacent in success. Please donate now to Revolution PAC to support our South Carolina advertising effort.

Towards victory!

Gary S. Franchi Jr.
Chairman, Revolution PAC

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