Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul vs. Romney: A Quick Match Up

By Zach Foster
Before this spreads throughout the Internet, you saw it here first!
Which is the better, more conservative, more consistent, and more Constitutional candidate in this Republican race?
-RON PAUL served his country.  Romney did not.
-RON PAUL understands the Constitution. Romney: "Ask our Constitutionalist over here" (pointing to Ron Paul)
-RON PAUL predicted the recession and opposed TARP.  Romney supported TARP bailouts.
-RON PAUL as a doctor delivered 4000 babies and was always pro-life. Romney supported Roe v. Wade for YEARS before deciding that opposing it was more popular among Republicans.
-RON PAUL gets the majority of contributions from working moms and dads and ACTIVE MILITARY members. Romney gets the majority of his contributions from WALL STREET.
-RON PAUL believed Netanyahu when he told Congress that mighty Israel doesn't need the U.S.  Romney doesn't think Israel can fight their battles without the U.S., even though Israel has been winning wars since before the U.S. turned them into a client state.
-RON PAUL is for a completely free market and no government intervention. Romney is in favor of federal subsidies (hmm, wasn't Solyndra federally subsidized?)
-RON PAUL will NOT provide incentives for illegal immigration.  For years, Romney was in favor of path-to-citizenship programs for illegal immigrants already in the U.S. before figuring out Republicans don’t like that…
-As a doctor, RON PAUL rejected MediCare payments and simply treated the poor for free, as a voluntary act of kindness. Romney favors individual mandates.
-RON PAUL voted against ObamaCare.  Romney designed it.
-RON PAUL has preached the SAME message of sound money, Constitutional government, and freedom for DECADES.  Some of Romney's many flip flops are documented on video at WhichMitt.com, and for a full day's reading, one need only Google search "Romney flip flops."
-RON PAUL’s views on national defense were praised by Ronald Reagan.  Romney’s were not.
-RON PAUL is an honest man, a consistent idea man, and a true Constitutional conservative.  Romney is a flip flopping big government phony conservative whose many many flip flops show that he’ll say whatever it takes to get elected (we call this lying)
RON PAUL 2012!

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