Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul’s Message Is Resonating

South Carolina reflections by Revolution PAC Advisory Board member Dr. Murray Sabrin, finance professor at Ramapo College’s Anisfield School of Business and former New Jersey gubernatorial and senatorial candidate:
Despite finishing fourth in the South Carolina primary, Ron Paul was upbeat during his speech Saturday night, giving one of his finest presentations as a presidential candidate. Ron hit all the high notes about his campaign and reminded his supporters that the cause of liberty will not be won overnight; it is a multifaceted process.  Educating people about crony capitalism, the FED, the federal budget and entitlements, civil liberties, and our interventionist foreign policy so they will vote for the liberty presidential candidate may take more time than just this presidential campaign.
After only three contests, won by three different candidates, there is no clear front runner.   Ron Paul will remain in the race to win as many delegates to the 2012 GOP presidential convention in Tampa.  If Ron does not have enough delegates to win the nomination and neither does anyone else, my prediction a year ago will come true, a brokered convention.  With several hundred delegates, Ron could force many issues, including putting Rand Paul on the ticket as either the presidential nominee or VP nominee.  Wouldn’t that be juicy?
Source: Revolution PAC

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