Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ron Paul Wins Southern Republican Debate

CHARLESTON, SC | Republican hopefuls met in Charleston, South Carolina tonight for the most recent primary debate; as the debate progressed a clear winner rose above the rank-and-file Republican candidates. Ron Paul rocked the house with his consistent message of liberty, small government, and fiscal responsibility. Despite attempts by other candidates and CNN to marginalize him (when discussing abortion the audience had to boo in order to get John King to ask Paul about his position on the subject) Paul was able to articulate how, as president, he would focus on fixing the problems in government instead of treating the symptoms produced by runaway government spending and intervention.
Of note was Paul calling out Rick Santorum for his consistent support for increased government spending, hyper-sensitivity to criticism, and weak position on right to work. Romney continued to dodge the issue of his tax return and was characteristically weak on pro-life and his record of supporting universal healthcare. Gingrich was heavily criticized for his amnesty for illegal aliens, pro-life voting record, marital issues, and general record for increasing government size.
With this stellar debate performance two days before the South Carolina primary Paul again drew a clear distinction between himself and the failings of the other primary candidates. It is now up to the voters of South Carolina to cast their vote for liberty…or more of the same.
Source: Revolution PAC. Photo Credit: Reuters

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