Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hervey: GOP Caving on Immigration & Taxes… AGAIN

Dear Conservative Party Members/Supporters:

The GOP’s response to the 2012 election has ripped open- once again- the festering sore on the Republican Party body politic: they have no core values aside from trying to get re-elected. They certainly don’t have any conservative values or principles of merit. There are two recent examples why they are sprinting headlong into political oblivion.

EXAMPLE ONE: When a true conservative like Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) blasts fellow Republicans for responding to the Fiscal Cliff negations by offering to include $800B in new revenues (taxes) already, then you know something is amiss in the GOP dysfunctional family.  The handwriting is on the wall: Republicans will capitulate on raising taxes during a recession and will not demand meaningful spending cuts in return.

“Meaningful” is the operative word. Remember when Republicans pledged to cut $100B from the 2011 Budget? Well, that promise devolved into a sham because they only cut $31B and most of those were accounting gimmicks, not meaningful cuts.  Many Republicans also voted to increase the Debt Ceiling last year and will do it again in 2013. Take that to the bank…while you still any money left.

We must ask the question: Why did Republicans agree to a Fiscal Cliff deal that requires 50% of all the cuts to come from just one Department: Defense?  The Feds have more than 75 Departments and Programs but Defense has to shoulder half of all cuts.

So bad, so sad.

EXAMPLE TWO: Republicans are so spooked by the election results they are now actually contemplating caving on granting amnesty to illegal aliens.  That’s right folks, Republicans now want to abandon their long-held and proper opposition to amnesty just to get the Latino votes.

For years even most RINO’s were correctly against illegal aliens and amnesty for a host of valid reasons: it’s against the law; it would attract even more illegal aliens; it rewards lawbreaking; it places significant financial burdens on state and local governments; it increases crime rates.  And one more thing; it’s just plain wrong.

And yet many in the GOP now want to dismiss and ignore all those valid concerns just to get Latino votes. Republicans fail to understand such obvious and shallow pandering will garner few Latino votes while it ensures they’ll forfeit LOTS of moderate and conservative votes.

Like Democrats, Republicans care not one iota about what’s right or what’s wrong or what’s moral. They don’t care about what’s good for America.


GOP political oblivion is at hand. It’s foretold in the Mayan calendar. May the GOP R.I.P
It’s time for conservatives and fellow Tea Party activists to leave the GOP and JOIN CP-USA.

We’re called the Conservative Party for good reason. CP-USA will publish a conservative solution on immigration in the January Newsletter.  Stand by.

H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA

Source: Conservative Party USA

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