Friday, December 28, 2012

Teachers union, fired teachers sue Chicago for racial discrimination

The Chicago Teachers Union is supporting three recently fired black teachers who are suing the city for racial discrimination.

Donald Garrett Jr., Robert Green and Vivionell Brown Jr. lost their jobs because of the Chicago Board of Education’s turnaround program, which replaces most of the administrative and teaching staff at low-performing schools.

These turnarounds tend to hit schools with above-average numbers of black faculty members, and they have contributed to a 10-percent reduction in black teachers in the past decade.

Along with the three teachers, the union filed suit against Chicago Public Schools on Wednesday. Even facially non-discriminatory employment policies can violate civil rights laws if they disproportionately affect specific races in practice.

Robin Potter, an attorney for CTU, said in a statement that the city’s

Source: Daily Caller

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