Wednesday, December 19, 2012

LP: Hope and Possibility for Liberty – A Christmas Message to You

Dear Fellow Libertarian,
We are fast approaching Christmas and New Year’s Day. Days of hope and possibility. Days of thanks and new beginnings.
This is a time of love and good cheer. Of gratitude and giving.
Thank you for your commitment to liberty. Thank you for the many things you have done to advance the cause of liberty and small government.
Who you are and what you do fans the flames of freedom. Your support gives oxygen and fuel to the torch of liberty.
For the last 12 years, Big Government politicians have radically increased government spending, taxing, and borrowing. Republican and Democratic politicians have slashed and burned our liberties and our livelihoods.
But in 2012, in this darkness, our Libertarian Party candidates re-ignited America’s torch of liberty. 

We gave new heat and light for the America we could have and should have: a Libertarian America.
2012 was NOT the high point for liberty and the Libertarian Party.
2012 was a glimmer and a glimpse of what is possible for us: a New Dawn for freedom in America. 
“Freedom is not a fluke,” said Gary Johnson. “It’s the future.” 
We face choices and chances.
If you and I and our fellow Libertarians make the right choices, we can increase our chances.
Inaction is the wrong choice. Inaction gives aid and comfort to the opponents of freedom in America. Inaction paves the path to Big Government.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” wrote Edmund Burke.
Action is the right choice. Intelligent, rational action.
Small government is the right chance. The right path to liberty.
The only way to expand liberty is to shrink government. The only way to restore liberty is make government small.
Our 2012 Libertarian Party campaigns – and our results – prove that there is a huge untapped demand for individual liberty and small government.
But our 2012 Libertarian Party campaigns were just a taste of what’s to come for liberty…IF we embrace the hope and possibility of the Christmas Season.
It’s a season to celebrate and cherish - and give the gift of liberty.
Will you give a gift to the Libertarian Party – so we can give the gift of liberty to your family and friends and co-workers?
Why give a Christmas Gift donation to the Libertarian Party?
When you donate to the Libertarian Party, we give liberty to everyone you love.
The Libertarian Party exposes and informs more Americans each year on the nature and value of liberty than all other libertarian organizations combined!
Each Presidential Election Year, our LP candidates may well attract and enroll more new people into the libertarian movement than all other libertarian organizations do in a decade.
Week after week, year after year, the Libertarian Party advertises and publicizes the libertarian alternative on key issues in the news. We offer libertarian solutions to America’s social and economic problems.
We give hope to the discouraged – and possibility to those who haven’t seen the way out: liberty!
Isn’t liberty the gift you want to give?
The Libertarian Party isn’t a fad, isn’t a fluke: it’s the future.
Would you take a moment right now and affirm your love of liberty, your hope for liberty, your desire for liberty in your lifetime?
If 2012 has been a good year for you, if you’ve made your own “good fortune” through your thought and judgment and efforts, would you please donate $10,000 or $5,000 or $2,500 now, as your generous Christmas gift donation? 
If “It’s a Wonderful Life” for you and your family, if you are moved and inspired, will you please donate $1,500 or $850 now – in this Season of Giving?
Will you be the “Miracle on 34th Street” for the Libertarian Party? Will you please contribute $250 or $500 today?
Will you help the Libertarian Party “Make a Miracle” for liberty?
Please give the gift of hope and possibility today. Please click and donate now or mail your donation to the address below with "A Christmas Gift for Liberty" in the memo.
Thank you.
Live and let live, Give and Let Give.
Yours in liberty,
Carla Howell, Executive Director
Libertarian Party
P.S. We only have only 7 days left until Christmas, only 7 days to put your gift “under the tree.” Your Christmas gift donation to the Libertarian Party lets us share the gift of  liberty with hundreds of thousands of Americans. Will you please help us share the blessings of liberty with your donation of $250 or $150 today? Thank you. And may your Christmas and New Year’s be filled with joy and love.

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