Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hervey: White People to Blame for America's Decline

By H. Michael Hervey

The media, Democrats and GOP establishment are telling us that Romney lost the election because America’s basic demographics are changing.  While true to a certain extent, that line of thinking does not fully explain the serious long-term crisis facing this once great nation.
The central problem: the Democrat Party and the liberal media have Balkanized America with the premeditated and malevolent intent of destroying this nation from within. This unholy alliance promotes an unsustainable entitlement culture that is draining America and encourages all ethnic groups to vote according to their race. All ethnic groups, that is, except the White race.

White people in America are now using dull pen knives in a socio-political machine gun fight. They are down-trodden and exhausted at constantly being called racists by minorities, liberals in the media and Democrats. Moderate and conservative Whites are now afraid to defend their traditional American values of hard work and self reliance while half the population that pays no income taxes increases their demands for “cultural sensitivity” and higher taxes on the other half to support a growing entitlement class dependant on government. The Takers now govern the Makers.

Shell-shocked White people are now so paralyzed by the looming specter of Political Correctness they hardly vote these days. Too many stand on the sidelines just watching (or voting for Obama) as the nation our Founders created descends into a morass of crippling national debt, unrelenting budget deficits, legalized pot, gays getting married and serving openly in the military, abortion-on-demand, teen pregnancies, affirmative action, societal moral decay, cultural rot on TV/films, a rising tide of entitlement programs and a flood of illegal aliens. More than 60% of the voters who never attend church went for Obama. These maladies will drown America if not reversed.

But the most amazing aspect of this White paralysis, however, is that all those dangerous trends are actually being encouraged and promoted by White liberals in the media, politics and business. Riven by misguided racial guilt and blinded by a leftist ideology, most White liberals are totally oblivious to the fact they’re committing cultural and socio-economic suicide.

Liberals fail to understand that it’s fiscally, morally and culturally impossible to be simultaneously “socially liberal and fiscally conservative”. There is a clear and direct correlation between America’s fiscal and moral decline and the rise of social liberalism...

Source: our incredibly misguided friends at Conservative Party USA 

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