Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ron Paul: What Do YOU Think?

Dear friend of liberty,

My Presidential race is over, and my time in Congress is ending, but I'm going to continue leading our REVOLUTION.

After my term is up, I will be leading our fight from the outside. And where I choose to lead that battle is firmly at the helm of Campaign for Liberty.

Time is running out until the start of the next Congress, and C4L President John Tate and I just finished talking about how critically important it is for Campaign for Liberty members to take a stand against the statists' schemes.

There's no doubt the fights our liberty movement will face will be among the toughest we've ever experienced.

But the truth is, C4L needs your opinion because it's clear this REVOLUTION will wither and die without the support of good folks like you – and the statists will run roughshod over our remaining liberties.

Please read this message from John explaining everything we have on our plate.

Then fill out your Supporter's Directive immediately.

Time is running out, and C4L simply must know where you stand.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Source: C4L

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