Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Resolution: Draft Judge Napolitano for President

The Ship of State is listing badly to port,
and Judge Andrew Napolitano is the star to steer her by.

Draft the Judge, He Tells The Truth

The Country Needs the Liberty Movement.
The Liberty Movement Needs Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Sign the Petition to Draft Judge Napolitano in 2013

We know that Judge Napolitano is the one candidate who can carry Ron Paul’s mantel in the 2016 elections.

He has demonstrated time and time again – on national television – that he won’t bow down to the Republican Establishment leaders. He has shown a unique willingness to challenge the doctrine of go-along-get-along in Washington DC. He has been fearless in standing up to the culture of elitism and top-down control that emanates from our nation’s capital.

We know that Judge Napolitano can prevent our movement from getting divided and conquered by those in both the Democrat and Republican parties who want to squash Liberty for the sake of their cynical electoral ambitions.

And, if the Judge’s long track record of Constitutional advocacy and principled leadership isn’t evidence enough, Ron Paul himself vouched for the Judge, stating he would call on Judge Napolitano to be his Vice President.

We’ve got our champion. We know who can stand on the bow of the ship of Liberty and point America towards the bright future she deserves. Now, we must rally together and make it our mission to convince the Judge that this country needs him desperately.

Like all those who should be in a position of power, Judge Napolitano is reluctant to entertain the possibility. This is all the more reason that he’s our guy. The Judge has no masters to serve except the Constitution, and no special interest groups besides the people of our great nation.

That’s the kind of man Ron Paul is, and that’s exactly the candidate the Liberty Movement must always have.


We watched last year as more of the political discussion in America turned toward the Liberty platform. And while this is a much-welcomed change in discourse, it brings a real and present danger. Republicans and Democrats alike are taking talking points from us, yet they aren’t doing anything in Congress or in the White House to put feet to their words.

We can’t allow empty talkers to steal our movement – that would surely lead to our destruction. That’s why it is so imperative that we have a proven Constitutional advocate holding the line as our commander.

Drafting Judge Napolitano isn’t just about having a true believer in the cause of Liberty – it’s about having someone who knows how to inspire and enlighten like Ron Paul does. And as Dr. Paul recognized when he called on the Judge to be his Vice President, Judge Andrew Napolitano has spent years doing just that.

Whether with his time as a jurist, or through his books and book tours, or his time on national television advocating for a return to Constitutional Liberty in America, the Judge has been a beacon towards the America our Founders intended.

So now that we know who can be the perfect leader for Liberty as our presidential contender for 2016 – endorsed in the strongest terms by Ron Paul, and a proven and unshakeable warrior for Liberty on the  national stage – we don’t have a minute to lose.

We must start 2013 off with a tireless effort to convince the Judge of just how much America needs him. And just like Eisenhower, Judge Napolitano will resist the Presidency until the people demand he accept it. In fact, supporters tried to motivate Eisenhower for more than two years before he finally threw his hat in the ring.

I can’t speak for Eisenhower’s motivations, but I know why Judge Napolitano won’t jump at the chance to run for President. He doesn’t want to control people. He doesn’t have any corporate masters to bow down to. He doesn’t have aspirations to power or control. He simply wants to stand in front of the American people and lead them back to the Constitutional liberties that we’ve lost over the decades.

And that is why he is exactly the man for this job.

The Country Needs the Liberty Movement. 
The Liberty Movement Needs Judge Andrew Napolitano. 
Sign the Petition to Draft Judge Napolitano in 2013!

We need you alongside us as we make 2013 about getting the Judge to accept the job of leading the Liberty Movement successfully through the 2016 Presidential elections. We can’t afford to wait until the primaries to build support for a Judge Napolitano presidency. We need someone to lead with a steady hand for the next three years, and guide the country toward the logical conclusion – that a return to Liberty is the only way back to prosperity and greatness.

If you haven’t yet, sign the petition and let the Judge know that he’s our man. And please take a few minutes and forward this email to every Liberty-loving American you know. Post the link to the petition ( on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and every other network you happen to be a part of.

The voice of the establishment and those who would lead our Movement astray is loud and powerful, but the voice of We the People is always more powerful – as long as we use it to its full potential. We mustn’t let this year pass us by without taking advantage of this chance to reunite and reinvigorate the Liberty Movement.

Defend Liberty. Draft the Judge.
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Larry Hunter
209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Suite 2109
Washington, DC 20003

P.S. Remember, "Beyond The Man Is The Movement". We must have a leader who doesn't just know how to talk the talk about the principles of liberty but also has a proven record of walking the walk on those principles. The country needs the Liberty Movement, and the Liberty Movement needs Judge Napolitano. And we need your signature to make it happen. Please sign the petition today!"

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