Sunday, September 18, 2011

DNC Statements in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

By DNC Press

The Democratic National Committee released the following statements today marking Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts today, September 15.

Statement from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

“Today, we begin a month-long celebration of the millions of Hispanic Americans who, since the founding of America, have been a fundamental part of our society. Throughout our country’s history, Hispanic Americans have built homes, families, and businesses in every corner of this great nation. The United States has always gained great strength from its many immigrants, and Hispanic Americans have lived in pursuit of the American Dream, building a past and planning a future for themselves and their families in the greatest country in the world. Hispanic Americans are an integral thread in the rich tapestry that is the fabric of America.

“Hispanic Americans continue to work hard to provide for their families and their communities, and I am proud to have a President who fights to help them achieve this goal. Under President Obama’s leadership, we have expanded the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to an additional 4 million children, including legal immigrant children, and we have reformed our student loan system to provide an additional 150,000 Pell Grants to Latino students. We have worked to bring about comprehensive immigration reform, and we are now working to pass the American Jobs Act, which will aid in our economic recovery and put millions of Americans back to work—including the nearly 1 million Hispanic Americans who have been unemployed for six months or more. As we honor the many contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to our society, we must also remember the unique challenges that so many face and work to ensure that all Americans have a fair shot at the American Dream.”

Statement from DNC Vice Chair Linda Chavez-Thompson:

“The Hispanic story is the American story: a story of immigrants who continue to come to America looking for a chance to provide for their families, and a story of early settlers who helped weave the American tapestry from the very beginning. Today, Hispanics continue to embody the American Dream, with all its challenges and joys along the way.

“Like all Americans, Hispanics want our country to continue to move forward. That is why our communities overwhelmingly support President Obama’s initiatives to create jobs, move the economy in the right direction, and ensure that our education, immigration and health systems provide all Americans a genuine opportunity to realize their full potential.”

Statement from DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Y. Martinez:

“This Hispanic Heritage Month, I am proud to stand with President Obama as we work to ensure that we can get more folks back to work and Hispanics continue to have a fair shot at the American Dream. From the beginning, the President has stood up for our communities, often making difficult political choices in an effort to turn the economy around and work toward an immigration system that ensures safety and security while also keeping our families united. This courage is exactly what is needed to preserve America’s unique place in the world as a nation full of immigrants where all who are willing to work hard can discover success.”

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