Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Update from Rep. Denham

Dear Friend,
This district work week was very busy but extremely informative and helpful for me. I heard from many of you at various events, roundtables and meetings throughout the district. Today, I was able to speak at the Natural Resources Summit in Sonora.  Congratulations to my friend Assemblywoman Olsen for throwing such a great event for us to discuss ways to responsibly manage California's natural resources. Here in the Valley, water is a great example of a natural resource that we can utilize to create jobs, while also ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply to the Valley. 
Unfortunately, our efforts to create jobs are continually blocked by bureaucracies and government regulations. In April, I introduced H.R. 1604 to streamline environmental regulations for Bureau of Reclamation water projects and eliminate regulations that even Governor Brown has said are bogging down job creation. 
Costly lawsuit abuse and onerous regulations are also standing in the way of business growth in our community.  With double-digit unemployment in our area, I know how important it is to get people working again.  As we all know, our country's economic recovery is going to start here in our local communities. This week, I hosted small business roundtables in Modesto and Fresno and visited with the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce to hear first-hand the ideas and concerns of our local job creators. Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen and Assemblywoman Linda Halderman were able to join me at the business roundtables to provide their insight from the state level. America's economic recovery begins with our local communities, and I look forward to continuing the discussion on how to reduce these regulations and get our friends and neighbors back to work. 
Earlier this week, I announced my participation in the latest YouTube Town Hall. I discussed the concerns I have heard from many of you and the actions I have taken in Congress to increase confidence in our local job creators and their businesses.  I encourage you to watch my video, and let me know what you think on my facebook page.  You can also submit your own questions to YouTube for Congress to answer and vote for the answer that you agree with. 
Across the country there are too many men and women returning home from serving our country that cannot find a job or afford a home. I visited with many of these veterans at WestCare's Home Front facility on Wednesday.  Home Front is a residential program designed specifically for homeless female military veterans and their children. As a member of the Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Health, I have been working hard in Washington to improve the quality of care that veterans are receiving and to make sure they are aware of the care available to them. I was humbled to hear their stories and was very proud that WestCare is helping so many men and women in our area. 
In addition to taking care of our veterans, I also want to ensure that men and women interested in serving our country have the information they need to attend our country's Military Academies.   Earlier this week, I hosted Academy Information Nights in Modesto and Fresno, where representatives from the Military Academies made short presentations, answered questions and served as a great resource for prospective attendees.   It was very inspiring to meet many of these young men and women, discuss my service in the Air Force, and hear about their desire to serve. 
This week, the House adopted a short-term Continuing Resolution by voice vote. This will fund the government until we vote next Tuesday to provide much-needed disaster assistance and fund the government through November 18th. During votes and my committee hearings in Washington, I will remember the concerns and ideas you shared with me this week and will be sure to keep you updated on recent developments. 
I want to thank all of my followers on facebook and twitter.  Both forums provide a great way to stay up-to-date with my activity and learn about upcoming events and votes. I also encourage you to tell your friends and family members to sign up for this weekly re-cap, as well as participate in the YouTube Town Hall and help me spread my message about reducing regulations to create jobs.
Have a great weekend!


United States Representative

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