Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Update from Rep. Denham

Dear Friend,
Last night, I voted to support the passage of a bipartisan Continuing Resolution (CR) that doubles President Obama's own request for emergency disaster aid and will keep the government operating through November 18th.  The CR continues government operations and services and allows time for Congress to complete the Fiscal Year 2012 appropriations bills that provide annual funding for the federal government. 
I was proud the House made the choice to put people before politics and keep the government running; and more importantly, I know we made the right decision by voting to ensure that people suffering damages from recent disasters across the country will be able to receive relief. Unfortunately, the Senate blocked the legislation, making it a real possibility that FEMA will run out of vital disaster emergency funding on Monday. 
The House also voted to pass the bipartisan Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts to the Nation (TRAIN) Act, H.R. 2401, an element of the our Plan For America's Job Creators. Before we voted, I was able to speak with Jennifer Fraser and Jeff Rose from Vantage Data Centers, two job creators from California who support the TRAIN Act.  Their company has become an industry leader in performance efficiency and environmental stewardship; and still, their business is negatively impacted by the Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) new Utility MACT standards that force many American businesses to ship jobs overseas. 
The EPA has proposed regulation after regulation that would stifle job creation, hurt American economic competitiveness abroad, and increase energy prices on families already strained by the tough economy.  Jeff and Jennifer were in the House Gallery when we voted to pass the TRAIN Act and when I spoke on the House Floor about how the legislation will help their business.
Government regulations, at both the state and federal level, have caused the highest level of long-term unemployment our country has seen since the Great Depression. Here in the Valley, we all know a friend or family member out of work and truly understand the importance of freeing employees from these overbearing regulations.  I came to Washington to get people back to work, and my record is proof of this. This week, I was honored to be recognized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) for my 100 percent pro-worker legislative score.  You can see the photo and read the press release from the ceremony on Capitol Hill on my website. 
I will be back in the district next week discussing many of these job-creating measures I have voted on, as well as answering your questions about recent actions in Congress.  I hope to see you at an event. In the meantime, be sure to check the events page on my website for updates throughout the week. 
Two events I am very excited to announce are the Academy Nights I'm hosting in Modesto and Fresno on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you are interested in serving your country and attending one of America's prestigious military academies, please stop by and talk to a representative from the Academies to see how you can get involved. 
One of the best ways to stay in touch with me and stay up to date with my most recent activity is to follow me on facebook or twitter. You can also check in with me at my online office—my website—where you can email me, read press releases and previous newsletters, look through photos and watch videos, and much more from the past nine months. 
I hope you have a great weekend. 


United States Representative

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