Monday, September 19, 2011

RNC Chairman Priebus Statement on the President’s Latest Proposal to Raise Taxes

By Matt Sauvage

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement regarding the president’s latest tax hike proposal on job creators:

“President Obama’s call for $1.5 trillion in tax increases is a thinly-veiled attempt to score political points and foot the bill for his Stimulus 2.0. By raising taxes on job-creators, Obama may win back some support from disgruntled liberal voters, but America will lose even more sorely needed jobs.  

“Tax increases will not put Americans back to work. Both Republicans and Democrats know this, and that’s why many of these proposals could not pass a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2009—and why they won’t pass in 2011.  America desperately needs deficit reduction, but it need not require stifling job creation.

“Today’s framework is a half-hearted and misguided attempt America cannot afford. After Obama racked up trillions of dollars in debt in record time and ran three trillion-dollar annual deficits in a row, Americans have been clamoring for some sign of spending restraint—not new taxes to fuel the growth of government.

“At its core, this plan is a sad reminder that the President is neither serious about controlling spending nor aware of what is needed for economic growth.”

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