Thursday, September 1, 2011

VIDEO: Revolution PAC Superbomb Propelling Ron Paul to Primary Victory

New video launches to promote September 19 donation event.

NORTHBROOK, IL – September 1, 2011 – “So Shall We,”the second in a series of promotional videos for the much-anticipated September 19 Revolution PAC Superbomb, launched today.

The 45-second film, produced on behalf of leading Republican presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul, depicts the increasing public awareness of the connection between the federal government’s policies and America’s financial downfall. Rep. Paul, the video conveys, has been a consistent voice in sounding the alarm on the ill effects of unconstitutional spending since his initial election to Congress in 1976.

The latest Gallup report shows the 12-term Texas congressman polling at 13% – third place among 14 declared primary challengers – nationwide.

“America is at a crossroads, both economically and philosophically,” explains Chris Rye, “So Shall We” production manager and Revolution PAC Advisory Board member. “If voters fail to take decisive action at the polls in 2012 by choosing just another interchangeable nobody president, our economic decline will certainly continue and we will all suffer.

“This Superbomb gives liberty activists everywhere – whether concerned citizens, business owners, really anyone with a means to support RevPAC – an opportunity to take up the mantle of our founders and support the only candidate who has shown real fidelity to sound economic and constitutional principles,” Rye continued. “Your donation to our September 19 Superbomb will help us run great ads and bring the liberty message directly to the voters.”

September 19 marks the day American patriots were victorious over British forces at Saratoga, marking a major turning point in the war for independence.

Nearly 2,000 Superbomb donation pledges had been logged on the Revolution PAC home page ticker as of September 1. Funds raised will be used to launch targeted TV advertising campaigns complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. In advance of the August 13 Iowa Straw Poll, Revolution PAC funded two billboards and a full-page Ames Tribune advertisement in support of Rep. Paul.

The Revolution PAC seeks to widen the range of allowable opinion in the public square and to bring to the attention of the American public the neglected alternative of freedom, sound money, self-government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. This is the answer to the big-government progressives and big-government neoconservatives who have brought our exhausted country to the brink of collapse. Our mission is to support the rare political candidate who defends these great American principles in public life.

For more information, visit Revolution PAC or phone 866-202-9367.

Source: Revolution PAC. Video was included with original press release.

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