Thursday, September 8, 2011

VIDEO: Rep. Denham addresses America's jobs crisis

Dear Friend,
With unemployment at 9.1% and ZERO jobs created in the past month, there is no doubt; America is in a serious jobs crisis. 9.1% is far worse than the 8% the President promised us with the stimulus, and it disappoints me to say, it's nothing compared to the double-digit unemployment we're facing here in California.
As a Valley farmer and small business owner myself, I understand the fear, frustration and concern you feel in these dire times: we are all fed up with the broken promises and the gimmicks coming from Washington.
In President Obama's Speech tonight, I hope that he will recognize the importance of working together to build confidence in our financial markets, increase our exports as an industrial nation, and utilize our natural resources to get our economy and great country moving again.
I released this video today and I wanted to make sure that you all saw it in advance of the President's speech tonight.

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