Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Senator Rand Paul: Seize the Momentum

Dear Zach,

The race for the Republican nomination for President is wide open.

And with the September 30 campaign finance reporting period rapidly approaching, it's CRITICAL you help my dad seize the momentum. 

September 30 may very well be the most important day yet of my dad's entire campaign.

So won't you agree to your most generous contribution IMMEDIATELY?

It's vital that you do so.

You see, my dad has set a goal of raising another $1.5 million before September 30, and he's also planning to spend at least $2.5 million on TV ads, internet ads, phone outreach, and targeted voter mail over the next 30 days.

Only your support will enable Ron Paul to achieve these goals and further spread his message of liberty.

But it's important for another reason, too.

The media, voters, and potential donors and supporters will be paying close attention to what each candidate has raised when the September 30 reports are released.

The national media, pundits, potential donors, and new supporters will be pouring through the records to see which campaigns are gaining momentum – and which ones are slowly coming to an end.

It's up to you and me to PROVE the momentum is with Ron Paul!

The good news is that my dad is now consistently polling in third place behind two establishment candidates in most national polls, and another recent poll has my dad running second in New Hampshire!

Not only that, but a recent article I read in The Hill's "Pundit Blog" all but predicted my dad to become one of two candidates to fight it out for the Republican nomination for President!

So I hope you'll help my dad seize the momentum by making a generous contribution IMMEDIATELY.

I believe, with your help, my dad can win this race for President.

You and I know he's the only true constitutional conservative running for President.

And as more and more Americans realize this simple fact, Ron Paul's popularity is only going to grow even more.

Like you, the American people are FED UP.

They're tired of the bailouts, the massive spending, huge deficits, and trillion dollar endless wars.

We can't let opportunities like this slip by.

So can my dad count on you to make a generous contribution to his campaign TODAY?

The deadline is fast approaching, so it's vital you act right away.

Together, you and I can Restore America Now!

For Liberty,

Rand Paul
U.S. Senator, Kentucky

P.S.   September 30, the end of this quarter's fundraising, is fast approaching, and it's vital my dad has a strong showing.

That's why I hope you'll help Ron Paul raise $1.5 million by September 30 by making a generous contribution IMMEDIATELY.

With the race for the Republican nomination for President wide open, it's up to you and me to help my dad seize the momentum!

So please, make a donation to my dad's End of the Quarter Push today!

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