Friday, April 20, 2012

All Not Quiet on the Western Front

By Dan

The Alaska GOP is apparently joining forces with the main stream media to sink the renascent Paul campaign. Reports from the Official Ron Paul Presidential Campaign show that the Alaska GOP has changed its rules regarding registration and payment for delegates to the Alaska State Republican Convention which is scheduled April 26th-28th. The state party initially allowed the $250 registration fee for delegates to be accepted until 2pm on the 26th however state party chairman Randy Reudrich called a meeting on April 16th to change those rules. The meeting resulted in a change which made payment of the registration fee acceptable until April 18th, two days after, but on the 17th the party said payment was needed by 6pm that night.

The second part of these barriers was the method of payment accepted. Originally delegates were able to pay online via the state party website however that was removed. Payment by personal check was then not allowed and there are reports of money orders also being denied. There were also questions of delegates being sponsored to attend which resulted in individuals being denied the ability to pay other delegate’s fees without a special waiver which could not be accessed.

This all amounts to a blatant attempt by GOP officials to block the delegates supporting liberty, the constitution, and pro-life policies. This is part of a larger, disturbing trend in which supporters of Dr. Paul have been turned away or been made to overcome purposeful obstacles. In Maine the Washington county vote was suspended and still hasn’t been fully counted which many believe to be because Paul would have won the state (no surprise the state GOP declared Mitt Romney the winner). In Nevada there are reports of Paul supporters also having been turned away. These are the notable events but there are, of course, hundreds of people that have had to struggle all over the nation with state republican parties in order to become local officers, delegates, and vote watchers.

Hopefully, the republican party can recognize that in their actions they are further alienating the future of their party and any possibility of winning the 2012 election as well as any future contested election. Until then, remember to be courteous and act with restraint when dealing with state party officials especially if they are making things difficult as disruptive behavior, no matter how justified, discredits the entire Liberty movement.

Source: Revolution PAC. Photo Courtesy of AP.

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