Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Amsterdam News covers Socialist Presidential Candidates

“The youngest wants to be in charge”

By Kelsie Bonaparte, Amsterdam News

African-Americans have been known to break down barriers throughout history, and Peta Lindsay plans to do the same with the political system.

The 27-year-old Lindsay is the 2012 presidential nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. And while the U.S Constitution (Article II, Section 1, clause 5) states that you have to be at least 35 years of age to take the office of president, Lindsay continues to campaign and challenge the system for her right to be elected.

“People who are progressive are looking for solution and options,” said Lindsay.

Born in Virginia and raised in Philadelphia, Lindsay has always been an activist in her community and has pushed for her rights.

At 12, she experienced a turning point in her young life as a member of the Philadelphia Student Union. The union organized money for more public schools and thousands of students took buses to the state capital to ask why suburban students were getting more money than urban school districts. She discovered at that moment that the system, as in many matters, revolved around property taxes, and the system gave more resources to rich districts than to less well-off districts, leading to inequities in education.

“I think it’s important that people who are oppressed and from working-class communities speak in their own voice and not wait for the politicians to speak for them,” said Lindsay.

Source: PSL

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