Monday, April 9, 2012

How Many Libertarian Party Candidates Do You Want to Elect - this Year?

796 Libertarian Party Candidates ran for office in 2010.

592 Libertarian Party Candidates ran for office in 2008.

With high hopes and the best of intentions, they ran. But very few of them had LP campaign experience. Very few won.

It didn't have to be that way.

With the right Tools and Training and Coaching, they could have done a lot better. Many more of our Libertarian Party candidates could have won.

Do you want that?

Do you want to give a lot more LP candidates a real chance to make progress -- and maybe win?

You do? Great! So do I. And so does our Libertarian Party Chair, Mark Hinkle.

But before we talk about how to successfully do it, let's see WHAT FAILS OR FALLS SHORT.

UNTRAINED LP CANDIDATES. Get a lot of LP members to file for office, wish them well, and give them NO TRAINING. They'll make tons of avoidable mistakes, get stuck, feel unsupported, and do poorly.

UNPLANNED LP CAMPAIGNS. Without a good campaign game plan, our LP candidates and volunteers waste time and money -- and achieve too little.

UNFUNDED LP CAMPAIGNS. NO fundraising or inept fundraising cripples LP campaigns. Money pays for campaign fliers, yard signs, web sites, targeted ads and publicity. Poverty pays for nothing.

UNSTAFFED LP CAMPAIGNS. Motivated, trained LP campaign volunteers make a huge difference. Only a handful of LP activists have experience and skill in recruiting, training, and nurturing volunteers.

That's WHY so few Libertarian Party candidates have broken through.

Will you help us change that? Starting now?


'Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.' - Proverb

We want to teach our Libertarian Party candidates and campaign workers 'how to fish,' so they can run great LP campaigns time after time, year after year.

AND teach other LP candidates in their cities and states 'how to fish.'

CANDIDATE TRAINING FROM EXPERIENCED, SKILLED LIBERTARIAN PARTY EXPERTS. Not activists who have only worked with Democratic or Republican candidates. Not self-styled 'experts' who haven't spent at least 1,000 hours practicing the skill they claim they can teach.

CAMPAIGN TRAINING FROM PROVEN, SEASONED LIBERTARIAN PARTY CAMPAIGN EXPERTS. Libertarian Party campaigns face radically different obstacles and challenges than Republican and Democratic campaigns. We need guidance from those who have successfully navigated them.

FUNDRAISING TRAINING. Why not the best? Michael Cloud personally fundraised over $5.3 million for LP candidates and organizations between 1995 and 2002. He's agreed to teach LP candidates 'How to Simply and Easily Fundraise the First $10,000 for Your LP Campaign in Just 4 Evenings -  Even If You're Shy.' What's more, he's agreed to mentor and coach LP candidates over the phone - if they run into problems or get stuck.

HOW TO RECRUIT, TRAIN, MOTIVATE, AND NURTURE DOZENS OF VOLUNTEERS FOR YOUR LIBERTARIAN PARTY CAMPAIGN. Whether it's a statewide or local campaign, volunteers make the difference.

DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGNING. A Libertarian Party candidate can be elected with less than 1,000 votes in over 30,000 elective offices in the United States.

LIBERTARIAN SOLUTIONS, NOT JUST POSITIONS. Running for office is like interviewing for a job. What will the candidate DO if she is elected? Our LP candidates need to offer simple, credible libertarian solutions to high taxes, high spending, and Big Government programs and policies - and show voters the huge, immediate, direct benefits to them and their neighbors. This is a master key to being taken seriously.

Great News! We are launching Phase 1 of this LP Campaign Tools and Training Project at this Libertarian National Convention.

But ONE-TIME SEMINARS, ONE-TIME TRAINING IS NOT ENOUGH to make sure our candidates regularly, repeatedly do what they learned.

We MUST REGULARLY PROVIDE tools and training for our LP candidates and campaigns.

Will YOU help us teach LP candidates 'how to fish'? Will you help us provide the tools and training for our LP candidates this year? Will you help us train and guide our LP candidates to keep practicing their 'fishing skills'?

796 Libertarian Party Candidates ran for office in 2010.

592 Libertarian Party Candidates ran for office in 2008.

This year, we will have about the same number.

BUT, if YOU HELP, this year they will be better-funded, better-trained, better-equipped - and together we can elect more and more Libertarians to office.

If you can donate any amount, you will be part of this historic effort. Will you please give now?

Your donation is our budget. Your donation means more and better Libertarian Party candidates and campaigns. And more victories, this year. And next.

Please give generously. You're going to love the results.
Thank you.

Carla Howell
Executive Director, Libertarian Party

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