Monday, April 2, 2012

Ron Paul: “I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party From Themselves”

Ron Paul had some important things to say (as usual) on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday morning. Many Republicans say “I like Ron Paul, except on foreign policy.” But guess what? It is precisely on foreign policy where a majority of Americans now agree with Paul. Reported The Christian Science Monitor:

The truth is, I’m trying to save the Republican Party from themselves because they want perpetual wars; they don’t care about presidents who assassinate American citizens; they don’t care about searching our houses without search warrants,” Paul said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.

In fact, many Americans also find troubling current government policy regarding warrantless searches and killing American citizens who have aligned themselves with terrorists bent on attacking the US.

But it is the war that’s gone on for more than 10 years in Afghanistan… where the public’s agreement with Paul seems most evident.

“Support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped sharply among both Republicans andDemocrats,” the New York Times reported this past week.

The assertion is based on the latest New York Times/CBS poll, which finds that opposition to the war jumped from 53 percent four months ago to 69 percent today.

Weariness with the war crosses party lines. While Republicans are more inclined to support the war, 60 percent say the war is going very or somewhat badly, and only about 30 percent of Republicans surveyed said the US should stay in Afghanistan…

In a floor speech in the House of Representatives recently, Paul warned that if the US isn’t out of Afghanistan by the end of the year, “we’ll be there for another decade.”

“The American people are now with us,” he said, and on that point he’s increasingly correct.

Republican candidates like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich differ very little from the George W. Bush approach to foreign policy, and President Obama also has differed little on foreign policy from his predecessor. Americans are understandably war weary, and many feel they have nowhere to go.

Republicans who say “I like Ron Paul, except on foreign policy” better start considering Paul’s foreign policy views. Because without them, a majority of Americans might be saying “I like the Republican Party, except on foreign policy” in 2012 and beyond.

Source: Paulitical Ticker with Jack Hunter

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