Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Thoughts for the Weekend

By Dan

The primaries are still happening and is in, what seems like, its hundredth month so let’s take a second and take stock of what is happening. First, and most importantly, the delegate strategy is working. Washington can now be added to the list of states, along with Iowa and Minnesota, in which Ron Paul is set win over half of the delegates. This means that three of the five states needed to be on the ballot at the RNC are pretty much locked down. North Dakota and Maine are becoming more and more likely to join the ranks of states that Paul wins as they finish their caucus processes in the coming weeks; more states will likely join this list as time goes on.

The main stream media is likely not going to report any of this but it is becoming increasingly apparent that Paul is almost guaranteed to get onto the ballot at the RNC where he could pull a Warren G. Harding and clinch the nomination. The RNC is still a ways off and there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, on all levels, to guarantee that. The primary season is stretching on and on and everyone, myself included, is starting to get weary of the endless race however Ron Paul is 76, is always energetic and is on a tour that would wear out most people a third his age. It is time to get our second wind and redouble our efforts. The liberty movement does not have the backing of the corporate media and the banks but it has the support of patriots everywhere! This support is clear as literally hundreds of people across the nation are stepping up and running for elected office on every level of government, becoming involved in their local or state GOP, and generally being the embodiment of the citizen-politician that the founders envisioned.

The best evidence of the success of the liberty movement is to look at the GOP primary in your state from 2008 to 2012 and check the amount of Paul votes then versus now. I bet that the 2012 vote count blows the 2008 one out the water. That is progress and we should all take a second and pat ourselves on the back.

Source: Revolution PAC

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