Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romney Cannot Etch-A-Sketch His Extreme Immigration Positions

By DNC Press

Yesterday, Mitt Romney tried to shift attention away from his extreme immigration policies by misrepresenting President Obama’s record on immigration. In response, DNC Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs Juan SepĂșlveda released the following statement:

    “Facing a huge deficit with Latino voters after spending his entire campaign aligning himself with the most anti-immigrant voices in his party, Mitt Romney is trying to distract voters from his extreme positions by misrepresenting President Obama’s record.

    “Taking his cues from one of the nation’s leading anti-immigrant voices, Mitt Romney has made it clear: On immigration, he would be the most extreme presidential nominee of our time. Mitt Romney has promised to veto the DREAM Act, encouraged all undocumented immigrants to self-deport, opposes comprehensive immigration reform and called the extreme Arizona immigration law a ‘model.’

    “Mitt Romney may try to Etch-a-Sketch his extreme positions on immigration, but he can’t shake off the extreme policies he has adopted – anti-immigrant policies that Latino voters won’t soon forget.”

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