Thursday, June 16, 2011

2012 Goals for the Modern Whig Party

“Modern Whig members are independent-minded voters who want to be affiliated with a moderate common-sense party. We believe that independent voters are the silent moderate majority and all-to-often have to settle for the “lesser of two evils.” We also realize that establishing a new party is an uphill climb under the current system. This is why our growing membership is key.

The Modern Whig Party is geared toward those independent voters who want to be affiliated with moderate party.  Our goal is to obtain ballot access for the Modern Whigs in all states; we hope to obtain that status by 2012. We know how hard it is to establish a viable alternative to the major parties. But strength comes in numbers. We are also not delusional in believing that people will flock to our party, we know that we have to earn you support and your trust. Our goal is to express our common-sense ideals and slowly gain ground into the mainstream consciousness. In short, the Modern Whig Party is the party for everyday Americans.  So if you are the type of person who believes in freedom of political thought and action and the type of person who does not care about left or right but about what is effective then welcome to the Modern Whig Party.”

Source: Modern Whig Party website

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