Friday, June 17, 2011

Students Fight Back, Swinging Blindly Part 4

By Zach Foster
Continued from Part 3

5.      “End Racism, Sexism, and LGBT Bigotry.”

Racism and sexism, though still alive today, are clearly a thing of the past.  Such evils can only be overcome by all people treating each other with kindness and compassion.  People also need to practice what they preach.  Before feminists scoff at housewives, they need to consider the strong possibility that these are women who are educated and did have a career, but instead choes to stay at home and raise their children.  They are not domestic slaves; they are empowered, and as adults, they made their choice.  In regards to racism, people also need to practice what they preach.  If people wish to think less of someone else because that person looks different, then they might as well take it all the way and show hatred for any person that isn't a mirror image of him or herself.  Many left-wingers and fans of political correctness turn their noses at black Neo-Confederates like H.K. Edgerton for being an "Uncle Tom Negro," yet they themselves unknowingly contributed to such "benevolent racism" when they voted for Barack Obama simply because of his skin color and not because of his qualifications.  Treating someone differently because of their race or gender, no matter how good the intentions are, is ultimately a form of bigotry.

Homophobia is a poison that can only be harmful to American society in the long run.  There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the way an adult chooses to live his or her life.  If that adult were to go breaking laws, an action with the main or side effect of violating the rights of other citizens, then it would be acceptable to try to make laws preventing such oppression and to enforce them.  In the case of homosexuality, whether this lifestyle is a crime is subject to the interpretation of individuals.  Many might see homosexuality as a crime against God and fully ignorant of the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, while others see it as a physiological trait they were born with but nonetheless find highly preferable, while most people simply don’t care what other people do.

Many conservatives are horrified by homosexual lifestyles and, while they claim to want the government out of their backyard and to have less government overall, they invite the government into other people’s back yards when they lobby for legislatures to pass laws to keep marriage exclusively heterosexual.  Despite their beliefs and efforts, as well as the beliefs and lifestyle choices of the homosexual community, neither the State (meaning the large government apparatus) nor any local government has any place to dictate what consenting adults can or cannot do with their lives.

Though the author has enjoyed elaborating philosophically on the matter of civil liberties, even people’s right to their own sexuality, he knows that this topic is almost completely irrelevant to education and student life.  The only shroud of relevancy that the Marxists of Students Fight Back can latch onto is the idea that potential students might be barred from some private universities because of their sexual orientation.

First and foremost, that kind of discrimination is highly illegal.  Though it may periodically happen when administrators aren’t concerned with breaking the law (and they get sued and prosecuted), the vast majority of institutions do not discriminate.  When accepting students, they study each case individually to see what the potential student can bring to the school.  Private universities have the right to pick and choose, and unlike public universities and colleges, are largely unhindered by politically correct quotas.  Privatized education can pick whatever kinds of students an institution would deem desirable.  This is the reason why there are some all-boys or all-girls schools, Christian Schools, Jewish Schools, Muslim Schools, all-Mormon schools (Brigham Young University), military schools, boarding schools, etc.

If Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism, were to apply for the graduate or PhD program at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian university, they would assess her résumé and background to see what she would bring to the school.  They might conclude that she would most likely be there to promote, through her studies and participation of campus events, socialism, atheism, and an LGBT agenda.  This would appear counter-productive to this university, and her application would probably be declined.  This would not be the case in a public university, where the only picking and choosing is based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and a million quotas of fairness and political correctness imposed by the state government.

If Glenn Beck, right-wing political pundit, were to apply for a graduate or PhD program at China’s Shenyang University School of Marxism, or an American university with many classes in Marxist Theory, it would be concluded that his activities would be pro-capitalism, Mormon fundamentalism, and right-wing politics.  This would be considered counter-productive to a very left-leaning university.

This does not mean that conservatives don’t make it into left-leaning schools, nor does it mean that members of the LGBT community are excluded from Christian schools.  There are many conservatives maintaining a low profile on left-leaning campuses, and there are many gay and lesbian students at many Christian colleges across America.  There are even Buddhist and Muslim students at Azusa Pacific University, and they are treated with respect by their Christian classmates.  They are not discriminated against because school administrators know these are all good students with excellent records.  It is known that they are more dedicated to their education than they are to a political or social agenda.  These students have true respect for diversity and will not try to impose their own values and ideas on other people.  The same credibility might not be extended to others students whose agenda clearly comes first, perhaps even to members of Students Fight Back.

Continued in Part 5: Illegal Immigration and Union Rights... in school or in the workplace???

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