Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Regarding the Congressman’s Twitter Scandle

By Zach Foster

Uproar continues to ensue as leftists and rightists point fingers and draw conspiracy theories regarding the lewd photo sent from Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) twitter account.  What the political party puppets have to say is irrelevant.  The only way to come to a logical conclusion is to look at all the facts with an open mind.

FACT:  A lewd picture was sent to someone via the Congressman’s twitter account
FACT:  The Congressman adamantly denies ever sending any lewd pictures via twitter.  He speculates that he might have been hacked.
FACT:  The Congressman has notified his attorney and hired internet techs to “get to the bottom” of this, and is refusing to comment any further
FACT:  Hacking is a felony, yet the Congressman has yet to notify police in order for an investigation to be carried out.  He adamantly denies sending lewd pictures on twitter, but he will neither confirm nor deny questions as to whether there are any lewd pictures of him on his computer

Now it is time to speculate and try to form a conclusion based on what is known.  Given that many politicians, beyond their base of opposition party antagonists, have a few individuals that feel a person mission or quest to destroy them, it is very likely that the Congressman’s twitter account was hacked, and possibly his computer and files as well.  It is reasonable to believe that he did not send that lewd photo, and is not guilty of that accusation.

However, two details are hovering heavily over his head.  One is that he has called his lawyer for legal advice and hired a web team to try to solve the alleged hack, but has not called the police even though he is allegedly the victim of an obvious felony.  The other is that he will neither confirm nor deny the question of him having lewd pictures of himself on his computer.

Silence in the face of a direct question, especially one that will either vindicate or condemn a reputation in question, almost always leads to incrimination.  Though he has neither confirmed nor denied it, his silence leads the public to believe that he does have lewd pictures of himself on his computer, and possibly of other people as well.  These are the stepping stone to yet another sex scandal on Capitol Hill.  Whether it will simply be a matter of the Congressman having porn on his computer (which isn’t a big deal in the long run), or whether the Congressman has been exchanging his own lewd pictures for those of others and using the internet to meet people for anonymous sex, the public has yet to find out.

The reasons so much energy is being devoted to scrutinizing someone’s private life (beyond partisan bickering) are that Congressman Weiner is a public figure, his past is rife with financial scandals, as well as the conclusion of a sex scandal would be highly morally incriminating given that he is married.  This won’t be the first or the last time married members of Congress are caught screwing around.

The facts have been analyzed, conclusions have been drawn, and this author will write no more on the matter.

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