Monday, June 20, 2011

Students Fight Back, Swinging Blindly Part 5

By Zach Foster
Continued from Part 4

6.      “Full rights for all immigrants.”

Students Fight Back demands the legalization of all undocumented people and an end to “racist” ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids that target the immigrant workers and their families.  Whether or not such a demand seems noble depends on the perspective of the individual.  While it may seem chivalrous that these activists are fighting against laws and agencies that undermine undocumented workers, they fail to realize how much they the protestors are undermining the millions of immigrants who came here legally and waited years to become citizens.

Being Mexican-American and the grandson of workers who legally immigrated from northern Mexico, the author sympathizes with the plight of the illegal immigrant population and is fully aware of the economic circumstances that inspire people to try to get into this country at all costs.  Unfortunately though (and even socialists have to agree on this), only so many cows can get fat on one patch of grass.  This theory is proven correct by history within the Eastern Bloc, as the Soviet and Chinese governments regularly relocated millions of their own citizens to various rural areas for various projects meant to advance the socialist cause.[1][2][3][4]  Many were even deported.[5][6][7]

Right now, this patch of grass called the United States suffers from anywhere between nine and nineteen percent unemployment (statistics are clouded because many who were unemployed simply lost hope and stopped searching).  There are countless Hispanic citizens in the United States who remember their own or their parents’ and grandparents’ achievement of hard-earned U.S. citizenship who are vehemently opposed to their ethnic brothers and sisters who have not waited their turn.[8][9][10]  Even if people look past the legal argument, they can see that there aren’t even enough jobs for citizens in this country, let alone non-citizens.  Should illegal immigrants be blamed for this job shortage?  No—by no means whatsoever.  The blame entirely goes to massive debts and unemployment caused by large banks who stretched themselves far too thin on fractional reserve banking and loans with un-payable interest rates, and also large corporations who failed to practice true capitalism by failing to serve consumers and instead serving the higher corporate echelons to the tune of price hikes, mass layoffs of workers, and large bonuses for the higher ups.  What that all means is that unemployed U.S. citizens and residents need to get jobs before employers can even think of looking the other way and accommodating undocumented workers.

Regarding the insinuation that ICE is a racist organization, such is absolutely preposterous.  There may be a few racist individuals laying low somewhere in the ranks of immigration and border law enforcement, but my no means are the agencies or their raids racist, nor do they exclusively target Hispanics.[11]  Due to Mexico being just south of the U.S., the majority of immigrants—legal and illegal—happen to be Hispanic.  There are many Hispanic agents in the various U.S. immigration agencies and most of them work on or near the U.S.-Mexico border.  While statistics for Hispanic personnel in ICE are currently unavailable, it is confirmed that over fifty percent of the U.S. Border patrol is made of Hispanics, primarily Mexican-Americans.[12]  The constant use of the race card by the Left, especially by Students Fight Back and other Marxist-leaning groups is the equivalent of crying wolf, accompanied with a lack of credibility, and the weakening of the accusation can only cause damage, as the public will be tired of hearing ‘Wolf!’ when there truly is a case of racist conduct by a law enforcement agent.

Continued in Part 6: Labor Unions and full employment

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