Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dialogues With Socialists: A Personal Message to the Marxists

By Zach Foster
Note: This piece is unrelated to earlier articles with a similar title.

The time has come again for me to once again explain and clarify for people exactly what it is I do here on The Political Spectrum.  This blog has been going strong for over six months now, with many people subscribing to the RSS feed and weighing in on my articles and other postings with their questions and opinions.  Some of these have been on the blog itself while most of them have been comment threads on the Facebook links.

This is definitely not the first time I’ve explained myself, so this time I’m doing it on the blog itself and, since I know for a fact I’ll get more angry complainers, I’ll be able to send them the link to this message and I won’t have to say it again (thank God for the computer technology and the internet).

I have been painted as some sort of a racist or bigot because of my often politically incorrect style of writing as well as my often sarcastic and sharp-tongued verbiage.  The truth is that I am NOT a bigot by any means whatsoever.  I am actually remarkably tolerant of other people’s beliefs, behaviors, and actions which other people might find intolerable.  Why?  Simply because human beings have the right to be saints or to make asses of themselves as long as they’re not infringing on other people’s rights.  I have no qualms with using politically incorrect speech.  I cherish my First Amendment rights which so many people take for granted these days, and as long as a valid point is being made, such politically incorrect rhetoric sometimes has the shock value and crassness necessary to get a point across in a way politically correct or tame speech couldn’t hope to do.

My primary complainers have been Marxists.  They think I’m a bigot.  However, in the vast majority of cases, these people tend to see the controversial looking headline of one of my pieces, they read one or two paragraphs and then get disgusted and close the article without reading the rest of it.  Any conclusions they make about the thesis of the article, my politics, or my character as a person are now drawn completely from an assumption.  Remember, we all know what we make of ourselves when we ASSume things…

To date, the only logical and even semi-valid criticisms and refutations of my anti-Marxist theses have come from one Marxist, a very good friend of mine who has enough respect for me to carefully read everything I have to say, whether this person agrees with it or not.

I fear that many of the people (primarily Marxists) who write me off as some right-wing bigot do so without actually having read a single word of my political writings.  After all, approximately five out of six articles or news pieces appearing on The Political Spectrum are NOT things I wrote!  The goal of The Political Spectrum is to make EVERY voice heard.  I regularly post press releases and public domain op-eds from Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and even Socialist and Communist parties.  I even accept reader submissions.

I’ve periodically gotten complaints from Tea Party Patriots or other right wingers after they saw a press release from the Democratic or Green Party, and they assumed I wrote it, on which I corrected them.  Most of the time though, the nasty emails or comments usually come from leftists who saw something from the Republican National Committee or the GOP Policy Committee and blindly assumed I wrote such “reviling right wing propaganda.”  All parties who do this kind of thing are wrong and in doing so they prove their own ignorance.

Continued in Part 2: The slander and rumor campaign

Attention all slanderers and libel artists!  Hold your hypocritical accusations until after you've COMPLETELY read Part 2 which will be posted tomorrow.

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