Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Establishment Has Spoken!

Dear Zach,

As you know, once someone finds out about Ron Paul’s untouchable record on the issues, it’s often not long before they become an enthusiastic supporter.  Along with tv ads, our mailings, phone calls, and campaign visits into targeted states speak directly to the voters by presenting Ron Paul’s record without any censoring by establishment gatekeepers.

We don't need the $20 million dollars our opponents have in their special interest-funded war chests.

But we do need the funds to run these programs in the coming weeks.  To fully implement our plans for the rest of August and early September, our campaign needs $1.5 million.

I know this is a big goal, but I believe the media blackout has provided us with an excellent opportunity to show grassroots Americans that Ron Paul is the candidate the establishment is really worried about.

In Iowa, we showed the world that we are organized, determined, and focused on putting Ron Paul in the White House.

They can try to ignore what we accomplished, but you and I shouldn't.  It was quite the feat by our campaign. 

We are running a thorough and professional campaign, staffed by defenders of liberty with experience in strategy, media, organization, and voter outreach. 

Many of these same staffers helped Rand Paul win office in what were widely acknowledged as a pair of well-run victories last year in Kentucky – and they took on the full weight of the establishment there also.

Take a look at our poll numbers, our Straw Poll success, our voter outreach, and take another look at our newest TV ad, entitled, "The One"

We CAN win this race.  But not without your support.

So please, help us keep this ad running, increase our mailings to targeted voters, and equip our veteran staff with even more resources necessary to win.  Help us fight back against the deliberate attacks and media blackout from the frightened establishment.

Yes, I said frightened.  Remember, the establishment of both parties doesn't want to see their gravy train of endless deficit spending and endless war stopped.

But stop it we will.  And they know it.

Thanks for all you're doing for our campaign.  Please pledge today to give to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb on August 20th!

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S.  Help us go straight to the American people by keeping our latest ad on the air and funding mailings, campaign visits, phone calls, and more into key states by donating to our Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb on August 20th.

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