Friday, August 19, 2011

Senator Rand Paul: Take A Stand

Dear Zach,

If you're as tired as I am of being ordered what to think by establishment gatekeepers and pundits who can't imagine life outside the Washington bubble, I hope you'll take action this Saturday, August 20th, to support Ron Paul.

The campaign is holding a Money Bomb in honor of my dad's birthday, and I can't think of a better follow-up to his incredible finish in the Iowa Straw Poll than receiving a clear message of support from grassroots Americans on that day.

Over 6,000 people have already pledged to donate on August 20th, and I hope you'll join them by pledging today, if you have not already done so.

If you have pledged, please honor that commitment by visiting this Saturday to contribute.

Dealing with a hostile media is nothing new for our movement.  They worked hard to marginalize Ron Paul in the past, but when his predictions about our economy came true, they could not shut him out any longer.

The establishment tried its best to attack my Senate campaign in Kentucky, but grassroots patriots responded by giving me an overwhelming win.

Now, with our economy still struggling, our national defense threatened by endless nation-building, and the so-called "Patriot" Act and an out-of-control TSA throwing our civil liberties out the window, the need for President Ron Paul has never been greater.

So of course, the establishment machine is going to do everything in its power to prevent Americans from hearing his message.

After you called them on their obvious bias this week, the talking heads and columnists launched a full-on assault of Ron Paul and our beliefs.

They say we're outside the mainstream, that we can't win, and that we're not serious enough to be covered.  And by doing so, they've made themselves the true joke.  What they consider mainstream, the American people consider an outrage.

Runaway spending.  The Fed's "print-now-deny-responsibility-later" monetary policy.  Forcing people to buy whatever health insurance a bureaucrat says is acceptable.  Sending our men and women all across the world to enforce the globalist agenda…  Americans are FED UP with the status quo.

That's why Ron Paul is surging in poll after poll, which consistently place him in the top tier and reveal he is THE candidate to take on and defeat President Obama in 2012.  He's only 4 points out of second place in New Hampshire, where he's also 4 points ahead of Michele Bachmann.

Earlier this week, over a thousand people came out in New Hampshire just for the opening of the Ron Paul campaign's official headquarters there.  The people know Ron Paul represents a real choice and stands for real change.  And a scared media can't hide its bias any more.

So the Ron Paul campaign is planning to fight back by going straight to the American people.

That's why I hope you'll pledge to donate to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb on August 20th.

The campaign is ready to run more hard-hitting tv ads like this one, and they're also prepared to ramp up mailing, phone calling, and campaign visits into the key states to get the word out.  Volunteers are already making a huge contribution to get out the vote for Ron Paul, and the campaign is working hard to recruit more volunteers and put them to work.

But these plans cannot be carried out unless the campaign has the necessary resources.  As you well know, the establishment machine is powerful.  But we've beaten it before, and we can do so again.

Will you help the campaign send a powerful message that Ron Paul is THE candidate to Restore America Now and has an overwhelming amount of support by pledging to donate to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb on August 20th?

Thank you for your hard work to put Ron Paul in the White House.  Our message is spreading like never before, and Ron Paul CAN win it all!

For Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S.  The establishment's days of deciding which candidates the American people hear about are over. 

The Ron Paul campaign is going straight to the voters with its message of freedom, but it needs your help to fund efforts like tv ads, mailings, phone calls, campaign visits, and volunteer recruitment.

Please pledge to donate on August 20th and then honor that pledge by visiting this Saturday and participating in the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb.

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