Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jack Cafferty Cuts through the Mainstream Propaganda

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Michele Bachmann: …spending that we have seen. Rather than dissing the Tea Party, we should be praising the Tea Party in Washington.

Reporter: Leaving little time for one more wildcard to make her move.

Jim Acosta: But there are many months to go until the voting begins in Iowa next February. Perry will now be vetted like never before, a process Bachmann and Romney know all too well. Wolf?

Wolf Blitzer: Alright, thanks very much, Jim Acosta reporting for us. Let’s bring in Jack Cafferty right now, he’s got the Cafferty file. Jack?

Jack Cafferty: One other note… Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa straw poll, a very strong second to Michele Bachmann. Now that Texas Governor Rick Perry is officially a candidate for president, we thought it might be a good idea to spin through…

Note: Cafferty risked his job by making this unscheduled announcement crediting Congressman Paul.

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