Monday, August 29, 2011

US government intervenes against faculty at Youngstown State University

By Andre Damon

The US Department of Education instructed the administration of Youngstown State University in Ohio to withhold federal financial aid from students while the faculty threatened to strike, according to the university’s president.

On August 19, after negotiations between the university administration and faculty broke down, the university sent thousands of students a letter informing them that they would not receive financial aid until their faculty dropped their plans to strike on August 26.

YSU President Cynthia Anderson wrote a letter August 22 to students stating that the university made the move under the direction of the Department of Education, an agency of the Obama administration.

“The administration has been served an official strike notice from the faculty, which means we cannot with certainty ascertain when classes will start. Given such uncertainty, the US Department of Education—which regulates all financial aid—has directed us not to disburse financial aid and scholarship funds,” she wrote.

“If we ignored the directive and disbursed the funds anyway… (Read on)

Source: World Socialist Website. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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