Friday, August 19, 2011

RNC Launches ‘Obama Getaway’ Post Cards

By Matt Sauvage

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) released the following statement regarding the launch of ‘Obama Getaway’ postcards in conjunction with his vacation to Martha’s Vineyard:

“After a three day taxpayer-funded campaign swing through the Midwest, President Obama will be taking a nine day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. This is the same president that said he ‘will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one,’ yet he’s jetting off to the Vineyard to play golf and relax on the beach. The White House that prides itself on optics has to agree an island vacation doesn’t look good to the fourteen million Americans who don’t have jobs and millions more struggling to make ends meet.

“Obama’s high-class vacation during difficult economic times is a perfect example of an out of touch president.  He talks a lot about creating jobs and getting this economy going, but after 939 days as president, all we have are speeches and no actual plan to do so. Americans are tired of the rhetoric and want results now. Join us in sending a going away postcard to President Obama on his vacation, reminding him of your friends and family who are struggling because of his failed leadership. Go to to tell this president that he shouldn’t get a vacation until you do.”

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