Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Update from Rep. Denham

Dear Friend,
Yesterday, the Obama Administration called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign.  The Assad regime has long posed a serious threat to U.S. security and that of our allies in the region. The recent terrorizing events and violence that President Assad has inflicted on his own people reflects a long history of anti-American hostility. I agree with the President; Assad should resign. 
As many of you have seen in the news, President Obama traveled around the Midwest on a jobs tour this week. While I'm glad that he has finally joined House Republicans in our efforts to create jobs and get people back to work, actions speak louder than words.  9.1 percent unemployment is far worse than the 8 percent the President promised us with the stimulus, but it is nowhere close to the double-digit unemployment we suffer from here in the Valley. I welcome President Obama to visit the Valley where regulations continue to stifle business growth and we all have a friend or family member out of work. 
House Republicans have passed numerous jobs bills to reduce regulations on small businesses.  Unfortunately, these bills remained trapped in the Senate.  Now is the time to push pro-growth measures that lower taxes, utilize our natural resources and unshackle our entrepreneurs to get our economy back on track. My colleagues and I have introduced a robust jobs plan to do just this and it's time for the Senate and President to do the same. Our Republican plan will spur economic growth and provide an environment where businesses have the confidence to grow and hire again.  
In a joint effort with many House Republican colleagues, I am presiding over a pro forma session in the House on Tuesday to prevent Congressional recess and Presidential recess appointments.  Americans deserve a transparent, accountable government and keeping Congress in session will return this openness to the political appointee process.
Tuesday afternoon, after presiding over the House Floor, I will fly directly home to throw the first pitch at the Modesto Nuts game. The Nuts are playing the Lake Elsinore Storm, and I look forward to cheering them on. I hope to see many of you there! 
During this time of high unemployment and much uncertainty, I want to make sure each of you has up-to-date information about recent actions in Washington and my activity at home. I will have many more in-person town halls, teletown halls, and events throughout our area for you to interact directly with me. Please feel free to call, stop by my offices, or email me with any questions you may have. Also, be sure to "like" my facebook page and follow me on twitter for constant updates.  
I look forward to seeing many of you next week and have a great weekend. 


United States Representative

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