Thursday, May 24, 2012

President Obama Touts a New American Century to Air Force Grads

By Matt Compton

Four years ago, when President Obama made his first trip to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the class of 2012 was just beginning their tenure as cadets.

Yesterday, he returned to deliver their commencement address. Acknowledging the continued need for the leadership and service the new graduates will provide, President Obama said the next century will be an American one:

I see an American Century because of the character of our country -- the spirit that has always made us exceptional. That simple yet revolutionary idea -- there at our founding and in our hearts ever since -- that we have it in our power to make the world anew, to make the future what we will. It is that fundamental faith -- that American optimism -- which says no challenge is too great, no mission is too hard. It’s the spirit that guides your class: "Never falter, never fail."

Approximately, 1,000 cadets graduated today and will soon begin their commissions as second lieutenants. Before leaving Falcon Field the President shook each of their hands.

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